you say “co-dependent” like that’s a bad thing

so we’re into hanukkah full swing and xmas is just around the corner. we’ve been giving gifts to the kids all week but last night the hubs and i exchanged gifts with each other.

we’ve been married for almost 15 years and at this point we’re keenly tuned in to each other’s *ahem* weaknesses, which we sometimes cater to.

for example, the hubs has a weakness for all things vegas, “swingers”, and classic cocktails, which is why we have a dedicated lounge in the back of our house complete with a real bar, atomic 50s furniture, and rat pack pictures lining the walls.

and me? well, i love to pamper myself and surround myself with beautiful things.

so, of course i bought him this:


a swanky new michael graves ice bucket and some nice heavy high ball glasses to drink out of.

and he got me these:


and a huge poster of this:


which i will be using to “pamper” myself with later…alone…with my candles.

happy hannukah and merry xmas to everyone!

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