Monthly Archives: February 2010

inappropriate cougar comment #147

so this weekend i was shopping at the mall with my teenage daughter and we’re in abercrombie & fitch.  personally, i love shopping at A&F…because i can.  yes, it’s cheap crap, but it makes me feel young and skinny. so there.

oh yeah, there’s always some nice boy-eye-candy working behind the counter. i guess this is the female equivalent of the pervy guy oogling hot asian chicks at the chinese takout place.

anyway, we’re waiting in line to be checked out by a pair of barely legal adonis’s running the registers.

1st him: are you ready to check out, ma’am?
me: yeah, sure.
1st him: would you like to get fierce?
me: (crickets)….uhhh, excuse me?
1st him: would you like to get fierce?
2nd him: that’s our new fragrance… would you like some?
me: …… oh, i’d like “some” … but i’m fierce enough already. thanks for asking though.
1st him and 2nd him: (nervous laughter)

it’s not nice to tease the cougar.