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flashback fridays – diesel’s man crush edition

with all these celebrities buying the farm this week, it’s nice that some are still alive and kicking. no, i’m not talking about that guy from simple minds. i’m talking about huey lewis.

diesel was nice enough to point out a while back that there is more than one song from the 80s called “heart and soul.”

t-pau sings one of my favorites, but this is a close second. this video is a celluloid time capsule of typical early 80s fashion and early MTV video cliches. overall, however, the editing and cuts are quick and the video holds up pretty well considering it 24 YEARS OLD!

plus, i have a sneaking suspicion huey made a pact with the devil. this guys’s looked 45 since 1983.


enjoy the video!

if it’s thursday, then i’m not wearing any pants

i love thursday. one of the perks of my job (actually probably the only perk, because working for the software company i work for generally blows on the whole) is getting to telecommute. i get one designated telecommuting day a week and i picked thursday. i would have picked friday, but that wasn’t allowed because they figured (correctly i might add) that people wouldn’t actually be working. but, having one less day to drag my ass all the way down to the galleria is one less day i have to interact with some of the people at work i’d like to bitch slap.

so in celebration of today, here’s my top ten list of why i love thursdays.

10. standing girl’s night out on wednesday night

9. rolling out of bed work2.jpgat 8:00am and logging onto my computer = being on time

8. bypassing two hours of traffic gridlock

7. 20% less chance of my telling a coworker to go eff themselves than in a five day work week

6. better coffee

5. farting

4. the couch in my study

3. no websense

2. naked phone teleconferences

1. showers? we don’t need no stinking showers!

if you get to work from home, what do you like best about it?

there’s a reason the first olympians were naked

i know summer’s almost here, because swim season is underway.

last week, i took my daughter to buy a speedo fastskin. these suits are designed to reduce drag and have shark-like qualities, whatever the hell that means.

anyway, since these suits have been introduced, they have been helping swimmers smash world records and have generated quite a bit of controversy. the seams are welded together so there’s no stitching and therefore less resistance. almost like swimming nekkid. heh.

well apparently it worked because during our first meet this weekend, my daughter set some personal bests.

not to be outdone, her brother decided he also wanted a new suit. i wouldn’t buy him a fastskin because he’s only 7, but following the logic of the fastskin, i guess he decided less was better.

either that, or inside my tiny little boy, beats the heart of a middle-aged italian man.

enjoy the picture, pervs!


flashback fridays – drunken piano man edition

billy, billy, billy. we need to talk. seriously.


drunk and stoopid is no way to go through life, and marrying someone only four years older than your own daughter is disturbing on all kinds of levels.

i think i’d just prefer to remember you like this.


and this.


and….whoa! anther childhood illusion shattered. uptown girl my ass.


guess the 80s just seemed sweet and innocent. enjoy the video anyway.

i did not inhale

joint.jpgit’s that time of year again.

last night i found a roach in my bathroom.

now, now. i haven’t seen one of those in my house since my old roommate left his stash out and the visiting cablevision repairman informed me “you know, it’s customary to get the cable guy high.” it might also explain why we got free HBO for the next six months.

no, sadly it was this kind of roach. and he was only slightly smaller.


but that’s ok, because i smoked him anyway. with this:


flashback fridays – washed up mega-star soundtrack whore edition

a few years ago i had to fly to washington dc on business with a coworker. after 3 days there we were taking an evening flight back to houston on southwest airlines. if you’ve never flown southwest, allow me to familiarize you with their seat reservation system – there isn’t one. they call it a cattle call. basically, you show up, wait in line, get a pass and then board according to your number.

my co-worker and i are waiting in line to go through security and slightly ahead of us in line is some old dude, with that unshowered, spiky haired, purposely casual dirty jeans look that’s supposed to scream alternative rock star. yeah, like this guy:


anyway my coworker says sarcastically, “hey, what’s kenny loggins doing here?”

after i finished snorting diet coke of my nose, i looked a second, and then said, “you know what, i think that is kenny loggins!”

when we got up to the security guard who was checking tickets we asked her if she had checked the guys’s id. she confirmed it was indeed kenny loggins. i have to hand it to my coworker. i can’t say i would have been able to pick him out of a line up based on the last picture i can remember seeing of the guy:


 or even this:


we’re on the plane just about to take off, and at the last possible minute here come kenny and his entourage, with one guy who definitely looked like a session musician (white guy with a fro sporting a becker/fagen t-shirt). you know it’s hard out there for a washed up singer-songwriter if he’s been reduced to flying coach.

so i’d like to pay tribue to kenny when he was at the height of his career – scoring classic 80s box-office hits. here it is. the song that spawned a million fraternity parties! 

desperately seeking her career

when i came across this picture, the first thought that went through my mind was, “why the eff is madonna kissing pete wentz?” quickly followed by “if she and ashley got into a fight, i wonder who would kick who’s ass?”


then i realized what a stupid, rhetorical question that was.

but the real question is, do we really need to see anymore of madonna macking on people young enough to be her children?



double ick.


ok, i least THIS one i get, but still.


i don’t think she was kissing them as much as she was sucking the life out of them. that’s the only explanation i can come up with for the longevity of her career.

a natural high

story.jpgi saw iron man this weekend. i have to say, i was more than a little skeptical that robert downey jr. could pull this off. and don’t go all micheal keaton on me. i NEVER bought that batman shit.

now, don’t get me wrong, i love RDJ. i just thought i was the only one. but a super hero? c’mon.

i have been watching this man transcend the crappy movies he’s been in during the last 20 years or so. and ally mcbeal doesn’t count.

here’s a small sampling. nothing particularly wrong with some of these, but a few of these barked. let’s recap shall we?

  • baby it’s you
  • tuff turfrdj.jpg
  • weird science
  • back to school
  • the pick-up artist
  • less than zero
  • johnny be good
  • chances are
  • air america
  • soapdish
  • natural born killers
  • only you

then there’s that little matter of cruising sunset naked with a .357 magnum, throwing imaginary rats out the window, and then sleeping it all off in your neighbor’s kid’s bed. 

despite his personal troubles, hollywood loves his talent and he has continued to work steadily, although mainstream success has eluded him.

anyway, the movie started with a bang, literally, and i was hooked. RDJ is the king of wicked, glib banter, a totally charming bad boy, ex-junkie, ex-con. perfect casting. RDJ has hit a new high, and this time it’s without the meth.

i think RDJ has finally redeemed himself. let’s hope this is the beginning of a lengthy hollywood comeback.

flashback fridays explained

my mind is a vast repository of pop culture and fin de siècle trivia from the 20th century. my knowledge of bad music and other useless nonsense is so far reaching in fact, that sometimes i get the following kinds of phone calls from my hubby:lips.jpg

him: hey, what’s the name of that song, you know the one, it goes, la la la de de doo de dum.
me: oh you mean heart and soul?
him: yeah! who sang that?
me: t’pau.
him: sweet! i’m about to win twenty bucks.

see? completely useless, meaningless stuff, yet it’s all locked away, hogging precious gray matter.

anyway, so i’ve decided to put my *knowledge* to some good use by introducing a new weekly feature i like to call FLASHBACK FRIDAYS!

my sister, sessie, once said something really profound. we were in sitting in city spirits, a funky, now-defunct bar in lodo denver, having some drinks and i said something about how it seemed to me america was losing it’s sweetness. i couldn’t believe what we were seeing in the media and it just seemed to be getting worse.

“leigh,” she said, “if you think the 90s are bad, just wait. the 2000s are gonna make the 80s seem like the 50s.” alcohol makes philosophers of us all. but in this instance she was so right.

so, this is is just going to be an opportunity for me to dig up some old relics from a kinder, gentler time which will hopefully make you laugh or smile and say, “hey! i remember that! omg!” or maybe you’ll say, “WTF, i NEVER saw that before in my life! how the eff old are you anyway, leigh?! you need to get out more.”

either way, i hope you enjoy it.

so, for our first installment i’d like to share this. this was an awesome song that we danced our butts off to. i only ever heard it out clubbing and never on the radio.

so do you remember and if so , what did you think?

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