Monthly Archives: October 2008

things that make you say WTF? felt up edition

things are tough all over. the economy’s currently in the toilet (no pun intended) and my company’s been taking all sorts of cost-cutting measures to show a profit, and we’ve all been asked to do our part to help keep expenses down.

i’m all for being a team player and all, but it appears in an effort to save costs, here’s how a request to fix an ill-hung, gaping bathroom stall door was handled:


oh just wait. it gets even better.


yep. this may definitely be a sign that it’s time to get the old resume out.

what types of cheap cost-cutting measures have you seen at work?

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the bitch is back

yeah, it’s been a while. and it’s not you, it’s definitely me. well, maybe it is you… a little.

anyway, i guess i just hadn’t been pissed off enough to bitch about anything, or the creative juices weren’t flowing or something. but recently i received a sweet myspace message from a girl named lily on behalf of her mom.

lily, i tried to message you back, but i can’t because your profile is private (good to know those security controls are working. nice work, tom.) and i can’t add you. why don’t you add me first, and then i can accept and we can be friends. cool? cool! btw, your mom is supercool to let you have a myspace account. i won’t let my daughter have one yet, but she does have an IBY account. apparently, all the coolest middle schoolers have it.

anyhoo, lily’s mom is a big fan and wants to know what annoying song has been playing on my blog. it’s called in these shoes and is by the late british singer kirsty maccoll, who was killed in a tragic boating accident in mexico in 2000. she had just finished recording the album this song is from. you can read more about her here, if you’re interested. oh, and lily’s mom? feel free to leave a comment, and then you can ask me anything you want! lily can show you how. geez, kids these days.

so, where was i? oh yes….my family. my lovely family. my raison d’blog.flasher.jpg

now, i’ll be the first to admit i’m not the best cook in the world, but at least i try, dear readers, i try.

so when i was at walmart this weekend picking up some frozen pizzas and ice cream for the extra freezer in the laundry room, i (with the best intentions) picked up some frozen fish fillets.

i spent several hours making a spinach souffle, glazed carrots, corn, rice and lastly, baking the fish. i was feeling pretty good about making a nutritious dinner for my family, so of course, this is what i get.

hubs: uhhhh…what the eff is this?

me: it’s fish.

hubs: it’s…square…

me: (so’s your head) well, it was frozen.

hubs: i liked the fresh fish you made last time.

me: well, *this* time i didn’t get a chance to go to HEB. and i’m holding a very large knife.

hubs: (grabs package off counter) there’s a guy in a plastic raincoat on the box. do you know what i think about when i see a DUDE wearing a raincoat? and it sure as crap has nothing to do with fish, except for maybe the trouser trout kind. hey kids! daddy’s going out for a bucket of chicken! last one in the car’s a rotten egg!!!

that’s it people. you’re on your own. the peanut butter’s in the pantry.

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