Monthly Archives: November 2010

touch my junk —-please!


today the hubs got lucky at the airport… and i wasn’t even there.

apparently if you arrange your computer power cord and a watch in your carry on luggage “just so” you’re about to be on the receiving end of a fairly hardy same-sex groin groping without benefit of dinner and drinks first.

in fact, airport security is very interested in your feedback on the whole experience.

airport security: so, was this your first time?  what did you think?

hubs:  well, not as bad as i thought it would be. in fact, as a frequent flyer, i appreciate all you guys are doing.

airport security:  as long as it’s not to you, amiright?!

hubs:  actually, i didn’t really mind it. in fact, if things are slow at home, i figure i can come down here and get a little action.

airport security:  we’re here for you bro.

ode to the McRib – “i enjoyed the bun”

dear mcdonalds,

stick to making egg mcmuffins.



*a mcrib haiku*

what’s between the bread?
pork gets mcnugget treatment
pickles cannot help


daughter has stuffed nose
masking chewy tastelessness
gives a big thumbs up

son refuses bite
dines on halloween candy
smartest one in bunch