extreme makeover

they say there are three types of women…and i think i may be the worst kind.  they fall into three categories: low maintenance, high maintenance, and those that are really high maintenance but think they are low maintenance.

don’t get me wrong. i do like to look good, but i never thought i was one of “those” women. but for the last few weeks i have been in the process of getting my teeth redone. i had some veneers done a while back and i wasn’t happy with the results. think gary busey. subtle, they were not.

since veneers are permanent (for at least 20 years or so) removing them required basically blasting them off my teeth. i spent four hours in a dentist chair while my natural teeth were shaved down until i resembled some sort of cannibalistic tooth-filing african tribe member.

anyway, like i said, typically i don’t stress about my appearance but for the last few weeks i have found myself purposely avoiding any type of social situation which would require me to open my mouth…and if you know me, getting me to shut up is nothing short of a miracle.

so yesterday, i finally got my new teeth. and all i can say is, the peace and quiet is over.


i also found out something about myself. i am, sadly, more concerned about my looks than i would like to admit.  and i think i may have discovered my new hobby: cosmetic improvements.

i am now officially one of “those” women.

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