greed is good?

i haven’t been feeling fulfilled lately regarding work. i know work is just work, but i derive a certain amount of self worth from my career, and while spending endless hours sitting in front of a computer surfing the web and blogging while getting paid for it may sound like fun, actually it can get pretty boring.gekko.jpg

so i turned to some friends for career advice. i’ve heard some really interesting stuff ranging from “don’t ever be afraid to take a job where everything is effed up because if you can’t fix it, well, it was effed up in the first place, but if you can fix it, you’re a freaking hero,” (you have to be careful on this one because it can backfire) to my personal favorite, “embrace your inner mercenary.”

so i’ve been exploring my inner mercenary and i have to say, i’m feeling rather dirty.  exploring your options is so different when you don’t actually need a job and i’m new to this party. i feel sort of sneaky and manipulative, and i’m kinda enjoying it… but it sure beats playing games with an HR recruiter when you’re truly desperate.

gordon gekko had this interesting piece of advice: what’s worth doing is worth doing for money.  he was only half right. i say: what’s worth doing is worth doing purely for the hell of it.

just because you have a job doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t see what’s out there. don’t wait until you need a job to look for your next one. go on interviews for jobs you have no intention of taking and may be completely unqualified for. ask for an f*load more money than you’re are making. and why not? if you get a low-ball offer you just turn it down. why? because you don’t really need a job, remember?!

so while i don’t completely agree that greed is good, what i do agree with is… know your worth. control your destiny. you can decide where you want to work and how much you want to make. you have nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain.

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