you had me at ‘ello

my boyfriend has a new movie coming out. i will watch anything that this man is in. and here’s why:


i don’t really think any explanation is necessary, apart from the obvious.

however, before anyone accuses me of being involved with jason (mr. statham if you’re nasty) strictly because of his ASSets, there are many other things about him that you should know, which make him extremely interesting.

it could be the english accent, and the fact that before he became an actor he was a true bad boy, a london street corner con man, hustling stolen jewelry to tourists. his big break came when guy ritchie cast him in lock, stock and two smoking barrels, after he convinced ritchie during an audition to buy some worthless fake gold jewelry.

it could also be the fact that he was an olympic diver, and a model, and that he trains in mixed martial arts, and is an accomplished kick-boxer, and does most of his own stunts. or it could just be the abs…yes… very definitely the abs… sorry, where was i?

anyway, in most of his movies he plays some type of cynical anti-hero, from the transporter movies, which were so silly that they were really good (thank you tivo so i can replay the shirtless motor oil fight scene over, and over and over…) to crank which was so silly… it was actually just pretty silly.

nobody does bald bad-ass better than my jason (except maybe bruce willis but he’s about played-out that die hard franchise)

plus the man can drive. and being somewhat of an auto aficionado myself, i appreciate a man who knows how to work a stick.


smoldering, hot and sexy. sigh…a girl can dream.

1 thought on “you had me at ‘ello

  1. Erin

    God Leigh…I’m seriously going to have to go home now and pretend CK is Jason Statham. Imagine how surprised he’s going to be when I suggest that we rent The Transporter tonight — he’ll never know what hit him.


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