american fugpparel

nobody loves a bargain better than me. cheap clothing is something i can live/love with, but ugly cheap clothing is not.

ugly retailing is something i cannot live with either. according to the new york post, the founder of american apparel is being sued for sexual harassment. memo to boss: parading around in front of an employee at work with nothing but a sock on your junk is not OK, unless of course it’s consensual.

plus, his clothes are just plain fug. and fug is fug (unless you are specifically trying to look like 70s jailbait or a $10 hooker), i don’t care how titillating your ads are. if it isn’t clear that this is just a case of a complete jerkoff (albiet with genius marketing skillz) recycling spandex pants, tube tops, dolphin shorts and pro socks into a growing retail phenom then check this out.

american apparel rip-off:


the original:


i’m very amused that anyone would be fooled into buying this tired, second-hand garbage when they could save some money by just going down to the local goodwill. because this a serious case of been there, worn that, and it wasn’t a whole lot better the first time. observe.

white tube socks and roller skates are kinda cute on teenage girls, but look a little silly on a grown woman.

                                           ss1.jpg cher4.jpg

linda, linda, linda. i expected you, of all people, to know better.


britney spears did not invent the crotch flash, though she may have dragged it down to a place it’s never been before. exposing your nether bits for the camera is old news. good lord, even valerie (have you called jenny yet?) bertinelli did it.






spandex is not your friend. even farrah looks paunchy.


and we all know what happened to poor freddie mercury. very, very frightening me.

freddie mercury.jpg 


wearing a belt with your leotard does not “dress it up.” nor do leggings.

            jane.jpg    cher.jpg 

wtf is up with the rags?


(hmmm. in retrospect, it appears jamie lee curtis was a bit of a skeez.) 

making some corporate wanker rich is not something i enjoy doing. so, if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to go clean out my attic. i’m going to make a fortune on ebay.

they like spandex over at


5 thoughts on “american fugpparel

  1. moooooog35

    Thank you for the pictures.

    You’ve unwittingly have given me my next screen saver.

    Now…if I could only figure out how the f*ck to get Freddie Mercury out of there.

  2. leigh Post author

    diesel – thanks for reading. i guess my slang is dating me. 80’s skeez = 2000’s ho. plus it can also be a verb. MCA’s in the back cus he’s skeezing with a whore. – beastie boys

  3. dashofpanache

    The best part of that court story you linked to was the line “We are glad this frivolous suit will be soon behind us.” FRIVOLOUS?!?! HAHAHAHAH!!!!

    The part you’re forgetting to mention is that almost all those people you have photos of could, without changing into different clothes, compete in some sort of acrobats/aerobics competition at the drop of a hat. That has to count for something.


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