a prayer to a higher power (king james version)


almighty diesel,

why hast thou forsaken me?

i hast done as thou hast commanded. why am i still not worthy of thy grace?

i hast no other humor-blogs before me.

i hast not taken thy name in vain.

i hast linketh prominently to humor-blogs and i hast created a naughty blinking JPG to tricketh wayward lurkers into coming to thy site.

i do not covet any other blogs.

and yet, you smite me.

my blog is bestowed clicks from all my efforts, yet they showeth not on humor-blogs. verily, indeed, clicks have disappeared from one day to the next.

i didst rend my clothes and gird myself with sackcloth, but to no avail. what sins have i commited against thou?

diesel giveth and diesel taketh away. i await a sign from you, almighty one.

i remain your most humble servant. yours in humor, amen.


11 thoughts on “a prayer to a higher power (king james version)

  1. damon

    Yeah, I heard it too. It was more of a clicking, high pitched, whiny noise.
    Like when a rat gnaws through an air mattress.
    Yeah, something like that.

  2. leigh Post author

    diesel – you wanted original. you got original.

    damon – that clicking noise you hear is me passing you up. i’m almost back on the front page! woohoo! who says prayer doesn’t work?!

  3. BrentD

    Thou hast beaten me to thine punch with the Shakespearean postings thing.

    Good luck with diesel by the way, try sacrificing pastel paintings to win his favor.

  4. damon

    I shall helpeth you paseth me with a clicketh.

    (God, that was pathetic)

    I am slip slidin away. Off the charts. Soon to be a page two-er.

  5. what's a donzer

    “Smite” is a word that never should have departed from our vernacular. I’d give anything to hear it show up on The Hills one night, thus becoming the new “oh, snap.” Nicely played.

  6. leigh Post author

    damon – prithee, kind sir. if thou wouldst clicketh for me, i wouldst kindly return the favor.

    i also added you to my blogroll. not sure how i missed that earlier.

    i think we should all begin writing posts in iambic pentameter. or not.


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