me likey

you know how you have friends and you think you know them? and then they do something to completely surprise you? well, the other day someone turned me on to this.

now, i have heard of the Onion before but i never really looked at it because honestly, i thought that is was a real news site and well, i have no interest in reading or watching the news unless i’m on it, but that’s another story.

so anyway, i decided to see what all the fuss it about. so i’m looking around in here and it’s pretty amusing and sarcastic… and then i find the videos. now i’m still irritated at our IT department for finally figuring out how to close the backdoor on victoria’s secret so i can’t order stuff at work, and i’m particularly pissed that they blocked myspace, and i’m all about a little parody, especially when sex is involved, but …whoa! give a girl some warning so she can at least turn down the volume or avert the monitor from prying eyes. 

apparently IT isn’t smart enough to know that they should be blocking the Onion, but any site that is intelligent enough to allow me to circumvent the oppressive corporate monitoring of my internet usage is tops in my book (or maybe the little nerds do know and their just keeping it open for themselves). 

so Onion, i salute you. and to my introducing friend, for being sneaky and subversive, yet appearing so normal, i say well played.

1 thought on “me likey

  1. Erin

    While I don’t read the onion I am extremely grateful that I work in academia now since they don’t block anything at all. I can seriously multitask my ass off doing work, Facebook, google reader, and email all at the same time. I stand by my claim that it makes me more productive ha ha….


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