it’s official. i’m hot.

eff, i love the internet. i think i’ve finally found the antidote for my suppressed adult ADD. as long as the web continues to exist, blog fodder will never be in short supply.

here’s the most recent source of my amusement – hot or not. i was bored so i decided to put my picture up just to see what would happen. in about eight hours i got the following in a email:


“whoa!” i thought. apparently, a certain percentage of 192 voters agree. i’m hotter than 98% of the women on this site.

before i allowed any of this go to my head, i decided to check out the other talent. after viewing a few profiles i decided 9.8 was not that much of an accomplishment, considering this was about my closest competition (scoring a 9.4) who i managed to beat without resorting to homemade porn shots.


also, it probably didn’t hurt that i listed my age as 99, or that i am genetically female, because i’m pretty sure these three are smuggling grapes in their vanity fair’s smoothing, supporting, non-binding tranny panties. these guys scored 5.5, 6.1, and 9 (holy crap!) respectively. but you can’t fool me, guys. man hands will give it away every time.

              not3.jpg  not2.jpgnot4.jpg


ok, now to address the haters.

who the eff voted me a 1? this is seriously screwing up my average and now, it’s personal. so i’m asking my *ahem* devoted readers to help me out. go here and vote for me at hot or not and make it count.


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