bald is the new hot

i have the hots for jason statham. a while back i wrote this post in an overheated moment after re-watching transporter 2 for like the 50th time, but it didn’t get much traffic. within the last few weeks, though, i have become the major destination of google searches for “jason statham shirtless” and “bald bad ass” and a lot of them seem to be originating from san francisco. no explanation needed there. i don’t know why people are suddenly figuring out that jason’s a babe, cos this is old news.

anyway, when i was younger, i totally dug men with long hair who could wear it in a ponytail (you’ll have to excuse me, as i blame this for having grown up in austin), but over time, i have decided that bald heads are quite sexy in their own right (hello, it’s like your head is NAKED) – and sometimes, it’s really the only acceptable option. for example:


rich man, poor hair

hair is not supposed to have an EDGE. no one is being fooled here, except maybe the donald himself.

psssttt….here’s a secret: most all woman would prefer that a man just make peace with his hair loss issues, rather than hiding behind under a bad comb-over or some unnatural looking plugs.

deciding to let go of the few remaining strands must be very difficult for some people, but for the guys who are brave enough to just go for it, the results can be spectacular. (click the thumbnails for a larger image)

these guys were pioneers:

savalas.jpg yul.jpg
(telly savales and yul brynner)

who loves ya, baby? 

these are the current reigning bald bad asses:

 billy.jpg bruce.jpg chris.jpg agassi.jpg kelly.jpg patrick.jpg vindiesel.jpg

 (billy zane, bruce willis, chris daughtry, andre agassi, kelly slater (hubba), patrick stewart, vin deisel)

after jason, of course. 

and here are some who should seriously consider it. i’d just respect them a whole lot more.

nic cage doing his best nic nolte booking-photo impersonation:



john, please stop effing with us. utterly ridiculous.


omg, he actually looks good.



oh, the possibilities. the hotness awaits, homer.


there’s more funny stuff over at

18 thoughts on “bald is the new hot

  1. Bex

    Never heard of him, never seen it but you compelled me to go and check out your previous post, which I did, and HELLO!!! How YOU doin’??? I keep casting my eyes back at Homer to cool off…

  2. the frogster

    Totally. Jean Luc Picard is the sexiest guy ever. I also saw Patrick Stewart as Prospero in “The Tempest” about 10 years ago. He was sexy live, too. I love that on your MySpace you have Killing Joke. I saw them, um, twice, I think.

  3. leigh Post author

    i feel it’s my duty to spread the good word.

    glad you enjoyed it!

    p.s. not sure who did it, but thanks for the stumble. my blog stats blew up.

  4. Bee

    Going around blogland neglecting my officely duties, I came across your post and now I’m coming out of the closet.
    I too am a bald lover!
    Hadn’t realized it until today.

    Mmmm… Homer

  5. leigh Post author

    wow. the response is overwhelming. we love bald men!

    plus, yes, bee, the second guy is from ten commandments. i guess i should have labeled them. i’m going to go back and fix the post so everyone knows who they’re drooling over.

  6. Bee

    Yul Brynner! That’s right! After I see that movie I have the tag line of “So it was said, so it shall be written” for weeks afterwards.

  7. BrentD

    Bald, bald, bald. All I ever hear is “Why can’t you be bald like other men?” I’m sick of it. This is follicular harassment and I won’t stand it any more.

    You’ll be hearing from my barber

  8. Tracy

    What the heck is going on with Nicolas Cages hair in that picture? I don’t understand. Bleh.
    I totally agree, bald is beautiful. And so is that Jason. I had seen him in something else before but I guess hadn’t realised he was so hot.

  9. leigh Post author

    geez brent. get with the program. all the kids are doing it.

    tracy, jason’s been in a lot of stuff. he just wasn’t naked. that’s probably why you didn’t notice.

  10. elasticwaistbandlady

    Alright. I’m ashamed to admit that I watched Rockstar Supernova on TV last year. The hottest of the hot for me musically and physically was Magni from Iceland. Here’s his bald look.(Check Out The Elfin Ears!) And here’s how he looked before he becamse a rocker and made yawnarific Icelandic Adult Alternative music here.

    Much improved!

  11. leigh Post author

    ok, i’ll admit, that’s a poorly done photoshop job on john, but believe me, it looks so much better than that fake hair, which looks like it’s about to take flight.

  12. eleanorigby

    Also, bald Charlie Hunnam in “Green Street Hooligans” way hotter than hair Charlie Hunnam in “Nicholas Nickelby” and bald Timothy Olyphant in “Hitman” so hot and much less hot with hair in “Catch and Release”. Bald is edgier and hot.


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