please show some love

typically, i don’t ask for favors, but this is a worthwhile cause.

my brother-in-law is currently a candidate for the u.s. olypmic hall of fame. he is an amazing person. when he was born he was a preemie and suffered some injuries to his spine. however, he has not let anything stop him. he went on to become a great athlete and has won several gold medals and set a record in the 100m race.


plus, he’s also a candidate for the hot sexy bald men club.

PLEASE go to this site, watch the video and vote for him.

5 thoughts on “please show some love

  1. Kadi

    Hi Leigh! I just finished voting for Ross and I also did a post on my own blog (hope that’s okay!) What an inspiring man your brother is! I truly hope that he wins!~ Kadi Prescott


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