whatsamatta? you stoopid or somethin’?

apparently, yes i am. since humor-blogs crashed a while back i’ve been having some problems with my humor-blogs account. my user profile just disappeared and the cute picture i photo-shopped down to fit was replaced by the running brown brick (can someone please tell me what the hell that thing is!?) and the cute little bio i wrote just went poof. plus i couldn’t even get in to edit my site details.

so anyway, because i love humor-blogs SOOO much, i have been harassing kindly asking diesel to please figure out what the hell is wrong and fix it.

then just a few days ago, i noticed that when i published a new post, it appeared TWICE on the humor-blogs funniest list. well…. THAT is pretty nice, i thought. i guess bee isn’t the only one who can figure out how to hog the front page and i didn’t have to blow anybody either.

great exposure aside, i still couldn’t get into my account even though it APPEARED that i was logged in (foreshadowing). and then yesterday i noticed that while leighonline.com was sitting pretty at about number 13 on the humor-blogs charts a usurper, leighonline, had just rounded the front page corner and was positioned at number 30, and in the bottom right corner was the little paper and pen icon that had been missing from my profile for so long. blondeandblonder.gif

yes, apparently, i somehow had two profiles – a bizarro leighonline if you will. 

and my computer was automatically logging me onto the bizarro profile. and additionally, i seem to have forgotton my original password which i was finally able to retrieve after manually logging out and then clicking on the “forgot your password” link.

a complete blond moment. almost but not quite as good as the time i was discussing the diaper-wearing astronaut with a co-worker.

me: why do you think they wear those diapers anyway? is it for the Zs?
him: uhhhh, you mean the Gs?
me: (laughing nervously to cover up my stupidity) ha ha, yeah that’s what i meant.
him: yeah, well i hear the Ds, Es and Fs are the real bitch.

at this point however, diesel had figured out what has wrong and deleted one of the profiles (the higher one of course) and now i’ve lost about half of my clicks.  thanks big guy. kidding. love you.

anyway, so i can’t believe i’m doing this, but i’m whoring myself out.

please click on humor-blogs to help me regain my once and hopefully future place on the charts.

11 thoughts on “whatsamatta? you stoopid or somethin’?

  1. Bee

    :o( I will put you on my clix chix list. Nobody probably complained because Diesel told them to go f*ck themselves the last time. ;o)

  2. offendedblogger

    Hey, I had the same problem a while back, where I had 2 accounts and double posts. I was very confused but it worked itself out on it’s own.

    My stupid moment was me thinking the number of visits were counted monthly and not every 30 days, so I was like WTF?!?!! when I started sliding back down the front page before February was up.

    Diesel was so nice about it, too, in his response back to my WTF?!?! email (well I was nicer than that heh) and I can just imagine him thinking, “this chick really needs to go back to college and learn to read!!”.

    He could have told me to f*ck off, really.

    I may have liked it though. I’m sure he knows that about me.


  3. Jeff

    Good luck with all that. I’m pretty sure the ranking system is based on a random number generator – except for the two at the top. I’m convinced they’ve written some kind of application that keeps submitting their URLs to the site. I mean, they’re funny and all that but lets face it, how many blog readers really click the humor-blogs tag lines at the end of the posts?

  4. Tracy

    What the hell are Denise Richards and Pam Anderson doing in the picture? They both have the same unpleasant look on their faces.
    I’ll click it for you although I’m still not sure if I’m doing it right. All I have to do it click right? Do I have to do anything once I get there?

  5. ArmadilloTrader

    I’m having technical difficulties too…Can’t seem to get my posts on the daily page feed. I have the utmost faith in Diesel though. But I also thought “American Idol” wouldn’t last…

    Hey, you’re in H-town? Do you mean Houston? Or do you mean Helltown, that mid 80’s drama with Robert Blake?

    If “Houston” is the correct answer, I’m just down the road in Austin. There are a few Texan bloggers here at Humor-blogs.com.

  6. leigh Post author

    jeff – ye of little faith. i didn’t think any one would either but after hearing diesel do some begging it made me feel sorry enough to give him so clicks. i figure what comes around goes around.

    tracy – denise and pammie are pissed because they know their movie (blond and blonder) is dog. plus denise was sued because she threw a laptop at some paps and hit an old lady. plus they’re also married to assholes. yes, please click on the humor-blog links, any of them! that’s all!

    AT: seriously? i saw your my sharona story on the cover. looks like it’s working to me. yes, i’m in houston, but only because my husband made me. i grew up in austin and went to school and college there. i miss it every day.

  7. Karen

    My husband has a humor blog and he’s trying to update his profile, and every time he tries to update it, he gets a “server” error message along with a bunch of techno-coded garble on a page. He basically cannot do anything there. How frustrating! Do you have any advice other than to email the staff (which is what he did)?


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