ain’t nothing but a “g” thing

i’m blogging by blackberry so I’ll be brief.

today we went sightseeing in venice. we were taken to a place where the jewish merchants used live and sell their wares. our guide told us the place was called the ghetto. “what?” I said. “that word is pretty derogatory.” our guide explained that the word originally meant a factory of some sort and was pronounced with a soft g like jetto. then the germans came and effed it all up with their hard g and you know the rest.

anyway, so I’ve decided I’m going to pull a randall (a la clerks 2). I’m taking ghetto back for the jews. ghetto for life, oy vey .

7 thoughts on “ain’t nothing but a “g” thing

  1. tracy

    I’m so glad to hear that you made it ok! Yay for Xanax!
    My grandfather was German. That means that I have German blood.
    So, just let me say on behalf of my German ancestors “We’re sorry for f-ing up the ghetto. Many apologies.”
    Have a great trip!

  2. damon

    Leave it to the Germans to eff up a cool thing. I live in Largo, Florida, or what we here in the hood like to call Largetto. No factories, no soft j’s, and no Germans.
    Hope you endured the flight okay. Say hi to Mr. Leigh for all us non-sales contest winners.

  3. Shieldmaiden96

    Here’s what old Merriam Webster had to say:
    Etymology: Italian, from Venetian dialect ghèto island where Jews were forced to live, literally, foundry (located on the island), from ghetàr to cast, from Latin jactare to throw

    So from the latin, a place for outcasts. Can’t really blame the Germans for giving it a negative connotation, I think it already had one.

  4. Sessie

    Hi, Sessie here! Hey, our family (I am Leigh’s sister) is German too! Turns out one of our family secrets in the old country is that we were German jews. When they got here, they converted to Southern Baptist. Go figure!


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