how not to be a douche, italian style part 2

they shoot horses, don’t they? and apparently they eat them too.

remember those finicky diners in venice? i’m pretty sure the chef went out the back door and brought them back a little something from this place.


apparently eating horse is big business. here’s another one, this time in paris.

many thanks go to bex for warning me about eating anything generically referred to as “meat” on a menu. repeat after me people, “always order the fish!”
don’t forget to click for me. i’m trying to work my way to the top! 

12 thoughts on “how not to be a douche, italian style part 2

  1. Theresa

    We had one of those horse meat shops here in Pamplona, but I think it’s gone now. Never tried it, but people say it’s good. Could it be worse than eating something that comes from a cow or a pig? Anyway, I think I’d rather have horse meat than a bull’s tail which is pretty popular over here. 🙂

  2. damon

    If you don’t eat your (horse) meat,
    You can’t have ant pudding!
    How can you have any pudding,
    if you don’t eat your meat?

    And if they eat all the horses,
    we won’t have any glue!
    How can we have any glue,
    if they eat all the horses?

  3. Bex

    My pleasure about the generic meat warning. I once ate in a chinese restaurant (a long story) in Paris with a few friends and this one guy ordered the “meat” and noodles dish. He was half way through with it when we noticed something that looked like a sponge in his dish. It turned out to be tripe (somethings stomach). THEN we began to carefully inspect the plate which is when we noticed (cue the terror screams) a couple of tongues. WTF, WTF, WTF?!!!

    Anyhoo, I’m glad you’re back and I’m gonna click your link RIGHT NOW! (Is it me or does that sound kind of dirty???)

  4. ie

    My boyfriend is Italian and goes on and on about how much he loves horse meat sausages and when we go he’s going to buy me some and how much I will love it. I sit there politely, trying not to throw up in my mouth. If he did slip me the sausage (heh) and I found out what it really was, I would totally puke on his shoes. Be warned, o boyfriend mine.

  5. Jinksy

    I’d avoid the fish to.

    I saw this segment on TV a few months ago about the Captain Highliner plant in Newfoundland that didn’t having any fisherman, or any explanation as to where the fish was coming from. Apparently, they were having fish from China and Australia sent in, and because it was processed in Newfoundland, it could be labelled as a “Product Of Canada”.

    Just scary.

  6. BrentD

    When you finish your appolonia fillet you might want to deal with this: You have been tagged with a hideous and possibly permanently scarring meme


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