desperately seeking her career

when i came across this picture, the first thought that went through my mind was, “why the eff is madonna kissing pete wentz?” quickly followed by “if she and ashley got into a fight, i wonder who would kick who’s ass?”


then i realized what a stupid, rhetorical question that was.

but the real question is, do we really need to see anymore of madonna macking on people young enough to be her children?



double ick.


ok, i least THIS one i get, but still.


i don’t think she was kissing them as much as she was sucking the life out of them. that’s the only explanation i can come up with for the longevity of her career.

9 thoughts on “desperately seeking her career

  1. Erin

    I love Madonna, but some of this new stuff is really really bad. I do sort of enjoy the idea of her as a life sucking mythical creature though. Dementor might be going a bit far though 😉

  2. Bee

    I’m one that can enjoy a good girl on girl kiss but each one of those kisses make me want to throw up!

    Speaking of JT, lately I’ve been noticing how hot he and Ashton Kutcher are.

    Very Yum.

  3. leigh Post author

    bee – it’s not so much that she’s kissing a girl – the girl she’s kissing. oh yeah. it seems very interesting (or perverted) to me that the boys i’m attracted to seem to be younger and younger. what gives?

    hanni – he def looks better in eyeliner.

  4. Tracy

    I think you’re right. That’s how she stays so wrinkle free. She sucks the youth right out of all the young people.
    You know, if a guy her age went around kissing all of these people, they’d get in trouble.

  5. Sue

    LOL – what is her deal????? Step away from the youngsters. Speaking of, I thought of you when a saw a HAWT pic of Shia LeBouf on Perez Hilton today (cover of GQ I think?)


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