a natural high

story.jpgi saw iron man this weekend. i have to say, i was more than a little skeptical that robert downey jr. could pull this off. and don’t go all micheal keaton on me. i NEVER bought that batman shit.

now, don’t get me wrong, i love RDJ. i just thought i was the only one. but a super hero? c’mon.

i have been watching this man transcend the crappy movies he’s been in during the last 20 years or so. and ally mcbeal doesn’t count.

here’s a small sampling. nothing particularly wrong with some of these, but a few of these barked. let’s recap shall we?

  • baby it’s you
  • tuff turfrdj.jpg
  • weird science
  • back to school
  • the pick-up artist
  • less than zero
  • johnny be good
  • chances are
  • air america
  • soapdish
  • natural born killers
  • only you

then there’s that little matter of cruising sunset naked with a .357 magnum, throwing imaginary rats out the window, and then sleeping it all off in your neighbor’s kid’s bed. 

despite his personal troubles, hollywood loves his talent and he has continued to work steadily, although mainstream success has eluded him.

anyway, the movie started with a bang, literally, and i was hooked. RDJ is the king of wicked, glib banter, a totally charming bad boy, ex-junkie, ex-con. perfect casting. RDJ has hit a new high, and this time it’s without the meth.

i think RDJ has finally redeemed himself. let’s hope this is the beginning of a lengthy hollywood comeback.


6 thoughts on “a natural high

  1. Bee

    I loved Chances Are! A little creepy sometimes since the daughter was trying to bone the dad but this is when I fell in love with RDJ.

    He looks so good in Iron Man!

  2. Shelley

    Don’t worry, you are not alone in your love for RDJ. I adore him, and I think he’s an amazing actor. Did you ever see him in Chaplin? I assumed you left it off your list of crappy movies he’s been in, because it’s a great movie. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was pretty good too. And I can’t wait to see Iron Man. And I kind of loved Less Than Zero. But I was much younger then.

  3. leigh Post author

    bee – i have to agree. RDJ does look hot. not bad for 43 and yesterday was his birthday!

    thankfully years of drug use haven’t taken a toll on his looks.

  4. Meg

    Check out RDJ in Fur, an imaginary biography of photographer Diane Arbus. He’s a bit hairy, but it works for me!!


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