i did not inhale

joint.jpgit’s that time of year again.

last night i found a roach in my bathroom.

now, now. i haven’t seen one of those in my house since my old roommate left his stash out and the visiting cablevision repairman informed me “you know, it’s customary to get the cable guy high.” it might also explain why we got free HBO for the next six months.

no, sadly it was this kind of roach. and he was only slightly smaller.


but that’s ok, because i smoked him anyway. with this:



10 thoughts on “i did not inhale

  1. Bee

    I hate roaches! The bug kind I mean.

    You should leave the body right were you killed it to warn off other offenders.

  2. leigh Post author

    bee – i would do that but then i would have to look at it.

    alice – ants i can stand a whole lot better than roaches. but they’re still nasty.

    mark – for something really crunchy.

    jinksy – he may have been startled, but he was also definitely dead.

  3. damon

    Free cable? Sweeeeet.

    Sometimes I don’t know what’s worse, the roach or the weirdo who’s been huffin bug spray that you hire to exterminate.

  4. Meg

    Love those. Can I borrow em? The boots, that is.

    When you’re done killing innocent bugs, hop by my blog. I’ve joined Bloggers Unite for Human Rights and you’ll see a softer side of Meg–soft of.

  5. jeremy

    did you hear the one about michael? they say his roaches are gay. i tried to fumigate to make them straight, but they just stayed that way.


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