flashback fridays – drunken piano man edition

billy, billy, billy. we need to talk. seriously.


drunk and stoopid is no way to go through life, and marrying someone only four years older than your own daughter is disturbing on all kinds of levels.

i think i’d just prefer to remember you like this.


and this.


and….whoa! anther childhood illusion shattered. uptown girl my ass.


guess the 80s just seemed sweet and innocent. enjoy the video anyway.


7 thoughts on “flashback fridays – drunken piano man edition

  1. Shieldmaiden96

    To date I’ve assisted in the extrication of three drunk men from their totalled vehicles. (I’m an EMT, not some weirdo who keeps bad company. Well, that’s debatable. But I digress.)

    ALL of their eyes looked like that. Sort of bloodshot and hazy and wandering in their sockets.

  2. Tracy

    That looks like one crazy party there!
    It is creepy that Billy is marrying that young girl. Maybe he’s trying to feel young again.

  3. Sue

    OMFG!!!!! Christie Brinkley is a party slut! You know that part of Star Magazine that’s called “Celebrities: They’re Just Like Us” ?…….. THIS is the kind of pic we want, not Reese Witherspoon scooping her dog’s poop.

  4. damon

    My mother actually went to (believe it or not) “Hicksville” High School, with Billy. I just didn’t know he was still cruisin the hallways for chicks!

  5. leigh Post author

    maiden – have you seen those faces of meth videos? where people deteriorate within a few years? billy could be the poster child for faces of alcamahol. he looks like ass.

    tracy and sue – i know. geez. what a damn tramp. look at that nasty mulleted dude between her legs. and billy’s all like, “ok, christy, just meet me in the car when your done and i’ll drive us home.”

    damon – to quote wooderson, “that’s what i love about these high school girls, man. i get older and they stay the same age.”


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