12 thoughts on “monkey’s are flying out of someone’s butt…

  1. leigh Post author

    if i had to guess, i’d say the couple had this planned from the very beginning, being that they’re whoring out the entire thing to the media.

    i can say from experience that if i decided to become a man, the BEST thing about it would be no more periods. this “guy” kept the plumbing precisely for that purpose!!?? wtf? i SERIOUSLY suspect his/her motives. she didn’t want to be a man. she wanted to be a woman, that became a man, that had a baby (and apparently they want more!) that made a million selling their story to anyone that would listen.


  2. Shieldmaiden96

    I gotta wonder what sort of hormonal hell (s)he’d be putting her/his body through, what with the hormones you take to be a man and then having a baby, which throws the switch in the totally opposite direction. Wouldn’t that be sort of bad for you?

  3. Nanny Goats

    Yeah, it’s all fun games until you lose the baby because you’re a pregnant woman who should have pregnant female hormones but is pumping herself with male hormones to become a man.

    (oops, I just realized Shieldmaiden96 sort of already hinted at that, going there with her comment)

    – Margaret

  4. Tracy

    The thing that upsets me about this couple is that in most interviews they start blubbering about how they’re so scared that their kid will be treated differently because of it’s parents and yet they are plastering their faces on Oprah and every magazine cover that will have them!
    And he’s not even a “real” man. Now if my husband were to get knocked up, I would certainly pimp that cause he wasn’t born with the plumbing!

  5. joeybear

    That is just a chick with a beard. Shave it off and she is just an ugly pregnant woman. Damn, half of Italian women could grow beards.

  6. BrentD

    I’m not so sure about the whole monkey thing, but it’s clear that something’s on its way out of somewhere.

    Although due to the rerouted plumbing, it’s not clear where “somewhere” exactly is .

  7. leigh Post author

    i think we’re running 100% in agreement that these people are kooks. and no, maiden, she/he didn’t change the plumbing. apparently her partner impregnated her/him with a turkey baster… i don’t think i’ll ever be able to think about thanksgiving normally again.


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