leigh explains it all for you – the booby trap

how many times have you been standing in the checkout line at walmart, or hanging down at the 7-11, or chillin’ at the neighborhood YMCA pool, minding your own business, and suddenly you’re face to face boob with something like this:


sadly, this phenomenon isn’t solely confined to the small segment of the population i affectionately like to refer to as white trash. there seems to be some sort of minor epidemic going on. how else can you explain this?


and this?


and this?


“so leigh, isn’t that why we have bras,” you ask, “to prevent this sort of shit?”

yes, gentle reader. bras are made for this very reason. however, simply wearing a bra isn’t enough. wearing the right bra is what counts.

so, because i’m sick of seeing women treat their girls so unkindly, and in the interest of helping all those who are deficient in brawledge, i present a gallery of bra don’ts. 


bra4.jpg  bra3.jpg


here’s an example of the right way to wear a bra. she looks fantastic.


sadly, this phenomenon isn’t restricted to just the female sex.


in which case, there’s always the bro.



17 thoughts on “leigh explains it all for you – the booby trap

  1. Shieldmaiden96

    I was watching ‘What Not to Wear’ once and the guy stood behind the makeover-ee in the mirror and said, ‘honey, that bra owes your boobs an apology’.

    For goodness sakes, FITTINGS ARE FREE. Yes, you get felt up by someones grandma. But its worth it to walk out knowing exactly what you need to wear to look good.

  2. Sully Sullivan

    Wow Jack Nicholson has some nice boobs. I don’t think you could have found a more unflattering picture of him. But yes, I agree. Being a man…tits count. If your tits aren’t presentable, that is a reflection of you as a person. Messy tits, messy mind. Isn’t that what they say?

  3. leigh Post author

    joe – sorry to spoil it for you. like everything, most sexy looking boobs are an illusion either by the use of plastic surgery or strategically engineered undergarments.

    jeremy – only you would be looking at the sandwich.

    sully and maiden – if i had to guess, i’d say jack’s sporting some small b cups…and that’s just wrong.

  4. leigh Post author

    jv – i guess now that more men are sporting boobs, they’re going to have to learn how to give a self breast exam. because he definately needs to have that lump checked out.

  5. damon

    Nothin like a good boob post.
    As hard as I tried to pay attention to the lesson at hand, I got lost in the cleavage and forgot where I was.
    I’m a guy.
    Those are boobs.
    It’s all good.

  6. Bee

    Where did you get all those bad bad bra pictures?? What is wrong with those women?? The under boob cleavage, THE WORST!

  7. Tracy

    You have no idea how badly I needed this lesson! I have had almost all the above, the under cleavage, the armpit tit, and the bumpy lumps. Never again. Thank you Leigh!

  8. Bex

    Jack, Jack, Jack. Jesus. Get a HOLD of yourself, man! Man-maries, lumps in the armpits, mystery smear on the upper lip…and what kind of sandwich is that?! That could actually be a manwich. To go with his Man-maries. I have to go throw up now. I’ll be back later….

  9. J-Mom

    A strange tune kept playing in my head after reading this blog.

    Do your boobs hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow?…..

    No, it’s a Manzier! 🙂


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