r.i.p. mother%&*@ing george carlin

one of my blog friends, hey joe, usually does the honors when someone passes on, but he’s on a cruise this week, so i guess it’s up to me.

we lost a comedy pioneer this weekend. george carlin died of heart failure on sunday. he was 71. carlin changed the face of comedy during the 1970s along with other comedic renegades like richard pryor (who sadly, died a few years ago.)

here’e one of his most well known bits. people who are offended by profanity should probably not watch this. don’t say i didn’t warn you. enjoy!


10 thoughts on “r.i.p. mother%&*@ing george carlin

  1. Bee

    No fucking way!!! Say it aint so!
    Dammnit the guy was funnier than a kick to the crotch!

    RIP Mr. Carlin. Hopefully all the God jokes didn’t send you down yonder. Or maybe that was the plan?

  2. damon

    Absolutely my favorite comedian of all time. I will miss him and his ‘stuff’.

    ..and yes leigh, it is nice to be back on the home page!

  3. Tracy

    I really loved watching him. Especially when he would talk about realistic stuff because he would always hit it right on the money.
    He will be missed!
    RIP Mr. Carlin!

  4. Maureen

    I saw George in 1978… 8th row. I loved him and I still have my ticket; a whole $7 (plus tax!)….

    So sad, I am…. RIP George, and thanks.

  5. Ryan Hupfer

    So, you know that one of George’s greatest roles was when he was the conductor(and narrator) of Thomas The Tank Engine on TV, right?


    Hey Leigh – hit me up if you get a chance – would love to chat!

  6. Rickey Henderson

    ahhhh yes… Rickey remembers Carlin in Thomas The Tank Engine…

    Comedically, the man was incredible. Whether we know it or not, all us snarky bloggers owe a great debt to the guy.

  7. Sully SUllivan

    First off, RIP George. Hell of a comedian. The only guy who could sell out to children’s show and not lose one ounce of respect. I mean that too. No sarcasm. “7 things..” was landmark.

    Now let’s talk about that new header. My goodness. Very nice.


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