i wonder if mark spitz started this way?

yesterday my daughter made me cry. and not because she’s almost a teenager. i’m sure those days are coming soon though.

no, my daughter made me cry because she totally and completely wiped up the floor at the divisional swim meet held on sunday! she was kicking ass and taking names. she placed in every event she swam in, and took home one bronze and two silver medals.

and in the end, she walked away with the highest honor: top point scorer over all girls in her age group. hellz, yeah!

mommy cried tears of joy. hopefully this will happen a few more times before she turns 13.



8 thoughts on “i wonder if mark spitz started this way?

  1. jeremy

    considering how early they teach the little mexican kids to swim, i can only imagine how stiff her competition must have been (what with you living in houston and all).

  2. Rickey Henderson

    Hey hey, good for Leigh Jr! Rickey has fond memories of his high school swim team trying to psych the other schools’ swim teams out by taking a bucket of water from their pool and dumping it in the opposing teams’ pool when the team was on the road. Good times.


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