show us your t*ts!!!

i don’t know whether to be insulted or flattered. recently, i received the following comment on my post with my vacation pictures.

“Nothing is better for self-promotion than boob pics. Not that I’m pushing you one direction or another; just making an observation.”

since i’m such a lady, i won’t be naming any names (diesel), but you can go there and see for yourself who the perp is.

so this got me thinking, was this really a GBS (gratuitous boob shot) meant to increase my blog traffic? cos if so, it certainly didn’t work. so i decided to ask the expert on boobs – the hubs.

just to give you some background on how the hubs and i met, i’ll share the following story with you. before we got married, the hubs and i worked for the same company. i was a peon. he was my boss’s boss. so of course the following exchange is completely inappropriate on just about every level.

him: so you’re a runner?

me: only for fun. we drink beer after we’re done.

him: so what do you run in?

me: (wha?) ummm….the usual. shorts and a t-shirt…..why?

him: well, you’re boobs are so big, i thought you might need a special bra or something.

me: *crickets* (recovering) uh, you DO know that’s sexual harassment, don’t you?

him: (backpedaling) NO IT’S NOT!

me: yes, it is. and if i wasn’t so cool you’d be in a lot of trouble.

him: (sound of feet running away)

yeah, i married him anyway. obviously, NOT because of his superior knowledge of sexual harassment laws. but at least the man has good taste. to this day, he still maintains he was just concerned about my physical well-being, although he does not dispute that this conversation took place exactly as restated. yeah…whatever.

so i went to the source and asked the horse and according to him, this picture is nowhere near a GBS.


 however, this certainly is:


anyway, so now that we’ve got that all out of the way, please go to and click on the LOL face!

27 thoughts on “show us your t*ts!!!

  1. leigh Post author

    heyjoe – i aim to please. oh, if you don’t mind, please sign up to vote for me. i know it’s a pain, but i’d appreciate it!!!!

  2. diesel

    You realize that now that you’ve made such a big deal of it, my wife is going to come here and read this and then summarily execute me. Let the record show that I was merely offering a helpful observation and in no way requested that you post boob pics. I fall on the mercy of the court.

  3. SinisterDan

    I think it’s frikkin’ wonderful that you managed to make me laugh, talk about breasts and get Diesel into trouble all in one post.

    If I had a Sinister Trifecta Award (or something equally stupid), I would give you one. However, since I don’t, my hearty congratulations will have to be sufficient.

    You are the wind beneath my wings.

  4. leigh Post author

    diesel and joeybear – boys, boys, boys. what is up with the need to try to justify your remarks? you made em, just own em. i rest my case. (see how cool i am?)

  5. Daniel

    I agree that the first pic is definitely not a GBS – there’s hardly any cleavage, no wardrobe malfunction and definitely no nipples recovering from an icing session.

    The second one is more of a gratuitous cleavage shot in my perverted mind, that is. Maybe I’m drawing too fine of a distinction between gratuitous events.

    And I totally applaud Sinisterdan’s sinister trifecta award.

  6. diesel

    Ok, I think we’re through the worst of it. I just got the “Women on the internet don’t understand that you’re joking” speech.

  7. Nanny Goats

    wocka wocka wocka on both counts, sweetie!
    Or is that all 4 counts?
    If you were wearing a burlap sack and then said “boobs”, all the guys would take a second look at the burlap sack which at that point automatically qualifies as a GBS, because now the guys are looking for it, it is now on their minds, no matter how much they try to think “rhinocerous” or “baseball” or whatever it is they try to think of in order to not think “boobs”!

  8. leigh Post author

    diesel – i think you can safely assume that i completely knew you were joking. i may be blonde, but i’m not stoopid. hope you didn’t get in too much trouble.

  9. unfinishedperson

    I’m a regular reader of your blog, but never felt compelled to post a response until today. I guess, GBS’s do that, and the creative asterik in between the t’s. Next time use the word “*ss” and I’ll continue to rate your posts with the LOL smiley.

  10. Trooper Thorn

    Did Hubs have a interest in ergonomic safety in the workplace? Was he measuring people’s chair-height to keyboard ratio or correcting the posture of the floor staff? If so then perhaps his observation of your breast size was in concern for your lower back health while exercising.

    Just a thought…

  11. mojo

    This was actually a serious post, but being the Google whore that I am I had to give it the title Boobs just to see how much extra traffic I could get that way. From what I can tell… not that much. But when I saw this in the Sinister Six today, well… who can resist?? And *ahem* if I may say so without appearing indecorous, they are quite lovely.
    Right then! Off you go.

  12. julius bloop

    the funniest part is actually the faces of the woman and young girl behind you in the first picture. i like to believe their faces are caught in the gravitational pull of your boobs but it’s more likely that they’re frantically seekingthe nearest restroom after that little girl inhaled that giant bowl of ice cream.


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