no pervs allowed!

i’ve been getting some pretty disturbing google hits lately regarding a harmless post i wrote about my son at a swim meet.

apparently there are some dirty, dirty, googlers out there trolling the internet and they are stumbling onto my blog using the following seaches.


if someone finds me looking for MILF blogs, i’m totally down with that. what i’m not down with is, attracting pedophiles looking to get their jollies.

so i thought i’d give them a taste of their own medicine. so i replaced the sweet picture of my son, with this:


there! how’s that, you sorry sack of sh*t?

or how about this?


or this?


or this?


whoops! that’s probably you.

now get the hell out of my blog and don’t come back.

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33 thoughts on “no pervs allowed!

  1. SinisterDan

    I got some of this too because I used the phrase “like a little girl” three or four times. I also get hits for “family sex” for making fun of a family values Republican getting nabbed by vice in a bathroom.

    And I need to add that John Travolta is clear masturbating in that picture…or he’s getting ready to.

  2. SinisterDan

    You do realize that ‘nude Travolta testicles’ will now lead here?

    If you feel the need to retreat from the Internets, we’ll all understand.

    I made the same mistake when I wrote about people wanting to snog Peggy Noonan. What will follow is not pretty.

  3. leigh Post author

    dan – yeah, nice try. i’m not going anywhere.

    mark – i’d love to, but diesel’s still mad about the boobs.

    diesel – so do i. (you never said no moobs)

    jeremy – at least your comment isn’t going to lead a parade of perverts here (for once).

  4. Bee

    I had a really messed up search too and it makes my blood boil! I wish I could track that pervert down and slice his balls, fry ’em up with and make him eat them!

    Gross on the chubbos btw… (:o{

  5. Blew

    I have covered ALL the mirrors in the house on the outside chance that I might ever look like ANY of these pics.
    This is NO way to welcome a first time viewer! I will chance it and return though. There MIGHT be boobs one day!

  6. Nanny Goats

    I’m with ya on the perv searches. Of course having “nanny” and “panties” in the title pretty much guarantees it.

    pretty pictures, btw!


  7. Rickey Henderson

    Wait, who’s looking at Rickey’s ass? You pervs damn well better stay put here. RwR posts might not appear on the Humor Blogs main page anymore *sniff* but at least we’re sex offender free goddamnit!

  8. Rickey Henderson

    Sully is spot on… half of Rickey’s traffic comes from people doing google searches for “mastrabatorium gulag.” Give it time, you’ll learn to eventually embrace your deviant friends and the valuable web traffic they bring with them.

  9. Jinksy

    The first of the 72 virgins should discourage such sick behavior.

    On the bright side, at least you don’t rank #1 in Yahoo for “Hermaphroditic Lesbians” (I don’t quite understand that one).

  10. LeighAnne

    Wow, there are some creepy people out there! “naked little boy”? that’s freaky. Love the revenge pics though… classic.

  11. mojo

    Five words that will get you all the respectable (if a little weird) Google searches you can stand:
    “jay leno fritos bag ebay”
    You can thank me later when the hits come rolling in.

  12. manager mom

    I should NOT have read this before eating dinner.

    Also, I am kind of peeved, because I’ve gotten some hits from MILF mom searches too, so I was feeling a bit proprietary toward that term. But if I am being truthful to myself, I definitely get from “small breasted mother.”

  13. Stephanie

    I got a really weird search too for “clean beautiful girls” YUCK! They’re my little girls. I guess you have to hand it to the perv – he didn’t want dirty or messy or unorganized or infected…

    Thanks for the big guy at the computer picture. Sweet dreams for me.

  14. mac daniels

    okay, i did all those searches. i guess i should’ve just come here via humor-blogs instead. more incognito. i won’t do it again. you taught me valuable lesson today.

  15. Bobman

    Yikes!!! See that is why I am reluctant to share my kids photos and stories on my blog. There are too many pervs in this world. On the other hand, I would also be down with some FILTF searches, if there is such a thing, as log as they are not by that fat naked guy at the computer… ooh – I think that reminds me of someone we both know that you and I used to share a department with.



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