i drink crappy margaritas so you don’t have to (sorry JD)

i hate to pilfer from a fellow blogger, but i just got back from mexico and i need to rant a little.

it’s been a really long summer, and i have spent the last few weeks looking forward to doing nothing but lying in the sun and getting stinking canned.

i’ve been to quite a few tropical getaways, including cozumel, playa del carmen, belize, grand cayman, jamaica, bahamas, the virgins (british and US) plus a few others whose names escape me now, so i know my way around a caribbean bender. but i have to say, cancun may take the cake, scenery-wise. here, see for yourself.


 (click to make it bigger)

however, it saddens me to say that without a doubt, i also had the most heinous margaritas in my whole life there too.

first there was senor frogs. i guess they thought they were dealing with some drinking virgins from nebraska. but me and the hubs are seasoned drinkers from texas. i spent *ahem* eight years going to the university of texas (hook ’em!), and the hubs went to the now-defunct southwest texas state university (which had a club that featured a $5 all-you-can-drink night) and his grades were so bad, his parents pulled him out and made him finish at UT san antonio. so yeah, we can put ’em down.

if you’re in party mode, you might be tempted by the offer of the margarita by the yard. but don’t be stupid. this giant plastic tube only has the same amount of alcohol as one shot.



the hubs actually asked them if it was a virgin drink.

plus this thing cost $150! pesos that is, but you know what? if i’m going to spend the approximate equivalent of $15 on a margarita, i expect to be taken home in a freaking shopping cart, like that chick from animal house.

second – never, EVER, go to mexico, unless you stay at an all inclusive resort. they say life is full of learning experiences, but during vacation shouldn’t be one of them. at our place, the only time the drinks were a deal was during the happy hour (literally – it from from 3 to 4) when drinks were 2 for 1, which basically meant you were getting two sub-par margaritas for the price of one.


the last word: go to the liquor store and drink warm tequila shots from your beach bag all afternoon. or just sneak it in a water bottle and spike your crappy drinks like my mom did. she’s a smart lady.

now, here’s the best margarita on the planet, the oh-so-delicious and descriptively named mexican flag. lime, strawberry, and midori flavored margarita lovingly layered in a hurricane glass and served for a mere $6.95, american. two’s not enough and three is WAYYYYY too many. complete pie-eyed euphoria for less than $21. take that you stupid frog.


let me know if you’re coming. i’m buying.

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22 thoughts on “i drink crappy margaritas so you don’t have to (sorry JD)

  1. Nanny Goats

    Senor Frogs…bleh. I remember going to Cancun and thinking, ‘Why the hell am I going to TGI Frday’s? In Mexico!’ But it was scary adventuring anywhere else that could potentially wreck havoc on your insides. I mean, when they tell you not drink the water, then why on earth would you venture to a local taco stand?

    Seems like the only chance you’d have is bottled drinks where they can’t water it down. Or do like your mom did and BYOB to the bar.

  2. Rickey Henderson

    Senior Frogs… *shudder* …what a shitty shitty place. As far as the packages go, yes the all inclusive places are convenient, but you can always snag your own tequila and make your own damned party for much cheaper. Rickey’s a big fan of renting places when he goes down to Cabo. More freedom and more relaxation.

  3. leigh Post author

    margaret – tgi fridays! haha! at least the food was pretty good and no one got sick. i did finally decide to just drink beer. problem with that is, you only rent it.

    rickey – i totally agree about making your own drinks but the problem is remembering to bring the blender. plus, i haven’t even starting ragging about the cost of food. all inclusives are def the way to go when you have a family to feed. more on that later.

  4. heyjoe

    Welcome back, Leigh. Never been to a Senor Frogs. Never will. OK, maybe I will. One never knows just how desperate one might become one day.

    Thanks for the GBS.

  5. leigh Post author

    kevin – you are so right. i’ll never go anywhere else except all-inclusive again.

    heyjoe – it LOOKED like it would be good. actually, the food was great. and i’ve been to carlos and charlie’s in cozumel and loved it. live and learn.

    you’re welcome.

  6. damon

    Who wudda thunk? Didn’t Mexico invent tequila? Then again you’re at Senor Frogs which ISNT Mexican. I guess it’s the same as someone from Tijuana comin here and ordering a chimichanga at Taco Bell. Welcome back!! (to you, and the twins)

  7. Sully Sullivan

    The resort wasn’t all inclusive? Yikes that’s horrible. And the margaritas weren’t even good? Double horrible. Stupid cancun.

    Side note: My buddies went to Cancun last year and went to Senor Frogs. I guess it’s a pretty hot spot down there…

  8. Jinksy

    After coming back from a cruise (to Jamaica & the Cayman Islands), I too, have determined that all-inclusive should include booze.

    I can spend $5 for a beer here, why would I wanna do it when I’m away?

    Yeah, all-inclusive is the way to go.

  9. NorthGaGal

    ahh.. we always buy beer, cheep cooler and a bottle of good tequila – much easier and cheaper to get tanked that way – go into bar/restaurant after your own personal happy hour and splurge on ONE of their shitty drinks.. way cheaper – but of course that was when beer was a quarter (american) and good tequila was 2.50 for a liter (american) and shitty drinks were 2.50 at the watering holes… Also Cancun – for amateurs – hit yelapa – south of vallerta – sit on beach get drunk and watch day trippers from yelapa get off the boat and be stoopid!

    Love the blog!

  10. DeadRooster

    Interesting. I’ve been to places in Mexico where they bring the shopping cart right to your table with the margarita. I went on a Caribbean cruse once that–because of the margaritas–I nearly married a Mexican woman with 17 kids. Good thing my wife (at the time) was with me and protested.

  11. Leigh's Mom

    I’m basking in the praise from my daughter–“smart lady”. Sigh. At some point in my life, I went from giving advice to my daughters’ to their giving me advice. Like–“Mom, you need to dye your hair. You look older than Dad.” Or, “Mom, you need some new jeans. Those look like “mom jeans”. You need some low-cut wide-leg jeans.” Mine were high-waisted, peg-leg jeans. Well, how would I keep up with fashion if not for my daughters?

  12. Wendy

    Yes, I can confirm that any UT folks are decent in the drinking relm…. I spent 7 years there myself. I know. And it’s hard to beat the Tex Mex in Texas. The real Mexicans don’t stand a chance. (no offense to any real Mexicans reading your blog, of course) 🙂

    We need some of good food up here. I asked a Mexican waitress here about migas and she had no idea what I was talking about. Plus, here a cheese enchilada is a vegetarian dish! Pulllleaze!


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