divorce, mexican style

you know what amuses me most about traveling? it’s the little things.

i think i’ve discovered my dream job – translating foreign menus into english for the tourists. with me on the job, then the following would never happen:


i didn’t even know they were separated.

apparently in mexico when you get divorced you have to sit on a pile of warm refried beans and be covered in some chopped up broccoli. this may actually be preferable to the way it happens in the states, where they hand you your ass on a platter. and it’s hella cheaper too – only $100 bones, mexican.

plus, i’m not sure about you, but my “typical” breakfast never had anything remotely to do with chicken.

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13 thoughts on “divorce, mexican style

  1. Jinksy

    I think all meals should involve some form of dead animal (although they do not necessarily have to suffer from a bad relationship).

    Besides, steak is great for any meal.

  2. Bex

    That egg might be divorced but it sure as hell hasn’t been cooked! That’s what we, in the “farm” biz, like to call RAW. *shudder*

  3. damon

    Some things just get lost in the translation. But I tell you what, that’s the best ‘divorce’ bargain anywhere. I’d have sat in a pile of refried beans, wearing a sombrero made from petrified donkey crap, while Mexican tomato farmers pelted me with the days crop, just to see the look on the X’s face when Senor Lawyerman handed her the $100 divorce settlement.

  4. Mojo

    I’m with Damon. That’s a hella lot cheaper than giving away a house every 10 years or so.

    I used to separate eggs all the time. And dogs too. But not for breakfast.

  5. Whup-Ass Master

    The Eggs’ divorce has been hard on the children; the constant squabbling over which came first, the constant beatings, and the fact that in the entire marriage neither party has been laid more than once. This union was doomed from the start.



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