yo, amy!

amy winehouse, we need to talk.

i’ve been quietly sitting on the sidelines watching you self destruct. yeah, yeah, i know you’re a *creative* genius, and people like you have to suffer for your art, because that’s how you infuse so much “meaning” into your work. so i was willing to overlook some stuff.

i let you into my life, i played your music in my house, and generally welcomed you into the family, and this is how your repay me?

look, amy, here’s the deal, i know you have single-handedly brought back big hair, which i can totally appreciate, growing up in the 80s and all. and i’ve been willing to excuse a lot of your shenanigans because well, you’re across the pond and there is zero chance of you popping over for margaritas with blake. and i’ve been slightly amused by your drunken antics, like biting a reporter, and beating up your husband. i even forgave you when i saw that gruesome picture of you kissing pete dougherty *shudder*, which looks not so much like kissing, as much as you trying to suck the last bit of coke out of his nose.


but this….this is too much.

when my recently promoted-to-middle-school daughter suddenly starts looking to you as a style icon, it’s time for you to go, go, go.



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25 thoughts on “yo, amy!

  1. leigh Post author

    don – thanks but it was all my daughter.

    damon – what? no love for my girl courtney?

    rickey – actually, courtney paved the way for freakshows like amy to have their music heard. i like courtney love and if she could stay off the drugs, she could probably make some more music. celebrity skin was actually a very good album.

  2. Tracy

    I too have had a love/hate relationship with Ms. Winehouse. I think my hate part started when she said that she couldn’t wait for her dear Blakeincarcerated to get out of jail so that they could start making babies. She thinks that Blakeincarcerated will make a great father. God help us.
    Although, I have always kind of admired her hair and eye makeup but I agree, if my kids were to start looking like her, she would have to go. Next they’ll be out in the yard looking for their cats, who they really couldn’t blame for leaving “of their own volition” as Amy put it.
    Plus, it doesn’t look good when your seven year old’s music teacher says “Does anyone have a song they would like to teach the class” and your seven year old stands up and sings “Well, they tried to make me go to rehab I said no,no,no.”
    God help me!

  3. muskrat

    Hide the paint thinner and white-out! There’s no telling how far imitation and flattery can go.

    I wonder if our parents cringed like this when we dressed up like Madonna or Michael Jackson back in the day? You know, back when she was single and he was black.

  4. Bee

    :o) At least your daughter looks cute and not like a dried up mummy. Seriously! I wish somebody would sti her down and make her eat some donuts!

  5. HumorSmith

    Yeah, count me among the disenfranchised Winehousers also. What the hell happened? One day she’s singing like an angel, the next day she looks like she’s been hangin’ out with angels for real, and barely made it back from beyond.

  6. Whup-Ass Master

    Ah, glamour! One really isn’t cool until the teeth start falling from one’s head and there are visible heroin track marks on one’s feet. We can get behind your daughter’s beehive and creative eyeliner. But when she asks for an advance on her allowance so she can buy some primo horse, red flags should appear.


  7. Shieldmaiden96

    I was sort of confused by that picture, it looks like both she and that pale shiny fella were both wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Then I looked at it again. As Himself’s southern aunt would say, bless her heart.

  8. MR Bastard

    well I am pleased you have rejected Amy, however my friend and pub landlady who helps to run the acoustic stage at Glastonbury festival in the UK has reliably informed me she is a very nice person to get along witf, perfectly down to earth? However I agree, what a stupid bitch…..

  9. Jormengrund

    You know, I could never really get into the “rehab” song..

    One, because it just hit TOO close to home with me..

    And Two, because it really looked like she needed to go!

    Thus, I’ve decided to hold a bed-in with my wife until Ms. Winehouse does go in for some treatment.

    If you want to find me, I’ll be unner the covers, wrestling for some more bedsheets..

  10. loosecannon

    As a child my dear mother once said to me:

    “You have horrible taste in music”

    “You have horrible taste in movies”

    “You have horrible taste in friends”

    “You have horrible taste in your selection of jokes”

    “You have horrible taste in books”

    “You do, however, have a lovely ottoman.”


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