somebody bring me some water

dear aqua texas,psycho.jpg

please stop effing with me.

last night the water came back on and we rejoiced as if it were the rains pounding the great dust bowl at the end of the grapes of wrath. 

we were so excited, we went out to dinner, and not so much in celebration, but because the garbage men were coming the next day and it was finally time to clean out the rotten refrigerator before we can buy groceries.

so we went someplace really fun, really… aromatic. are you familiar with the term “benihana smell”? no? allow me. it’s the way your clothes, your hair, even your skin are permeated with the stench of the theater that is hibachi cooking. you basically smell like a cross between a french fry and ripe unwashed ass.

yo, AT. i do not appreciate being teased. it’s not nice. it’s not enough that you gave us false hopes and promises of showers and clean hair after the water came back on last night. but this morning you mocked us with a mere trickle of water dripping from our pipes. we are not amused.

someone over there better hurry up and figure out how the hell to get our water on and have it STAY on, or it will be foot to ass my friend, foot to ass.

p.s. you suck.



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21 thoughts on “somebody bring me some water

  1. Mark

    Please tell me you flushed all the “shatner” away first, and had a quick shower, BEFORE you went out for dinner. 🙂 m.

    I hope things get back to normal soon.

  2. Mojo

    Makes my 9 days without power seem like a cakewalk. Of course, I live 150 miles inland so WTF was a hurricane doing around here anyway??

    Sucks to be you right now girl. I heard they had paved the streets with dead fish in your area… Talk about rank! First time I ever heard the term “sushi brothel” in my head. Ecch! Ecch! Make it go away!

  3. Dad

    Well, Leigh, since I am in charge of about 160 troops here in Dallas that
    are running five shelters, I might have been able to put you up in the VIP quarters (thats the area where they put the special care shelterees,
    that would be 5 bunks in a corner near the port-o-potties. Unfortunately,
    my command post tells me I may be here for another 10 days of shelter management operations. Well, at least someone is enjoying my house.
    My duty up here made it quite cosy for the Houston wing of the family.
    See you soon. Love,

    Colonel Poppy AKA Sir!

  4. Bee

    That is horrible!! We didn’t have hot water for 3 days but at least we had water.
    I hope things get back to normal for you soon. Maybe you can invest in a cement pond like the rest of your neighbors. That way you’ll always be prepared.

  5. elizadoohicky

    we STILL have no power in Westchase. Of course, everyone AROUND us has it, just not our complex.

    Loving your blog. Nice to have a fellow Houstonian on my blogroll! We should have a Houston-bloggers “conference” where we invite vendors who want us to “advertise” their products on our blogs to host us all and provide bags of free shit and an open bar….then we can get schnockered and take home bags of stuff all for FREE! How’s THAT for hurricane relief?

  6. Rickey Henderson

    Yuck. No water sucks. Still, no water is better than the water company rushing and pumping in contaminated water that’s riddled with crypto and giardia… Take it from Rickey, you don’t want those.

  7. HeyJoe

    I don’t know what “bust a cho up in this bitch” means, but I like it.

    You’ll note that I am posting a second comment on the same post because there are no NEW posts on which to comment? How’s that for love baby?

  8. Shieldmaiden96

    Good. I realized my last comment was terse, and hoped it was taken as concern (which it was) and not some sort of peevish, ‘I demand that you entertain me and where are you anyway’ (which it was not). I’m just glad things are back to normal.


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