oooh oooh, that smell

geez! nag, nag, nag! what the hell is wrong with you people? can’t a girl get some much needed R&R without smell1.jpgbeing harangued for not posting for a while?

it’s not like i haven’t been busy, what with not knowing where my next shower was coming from.

or worrying that i’ve picked up cholera because we’re still on a boil order, and in my comatose state at 5 a.m. i forgot to use bottled water to brush my teeth.

or the fact that the back cul-de-sac in our neighborhood continues it’s downward slide into a lord of the flies-like existence as it goes on day 19 of no power.

so yeah, it’s been an interesting few weeks.

i know you are all kinds of concerned, and i am very touched.

some of you were genuinely concerned about my welfare. to you i say, we are all fine, thank you so much for asking.

some of you were concerned about the fact that we had no water, not because of any eminent danger of dehydration, but mostly due to the downwind smell of unwashed texan wafting across the gulf of mexico into florida. to you i say, your momma’s so smelly, she has to sneak up on the bathwater.

and then some of you were just concerned that i wasn’t posting enough to your satisfaction. and to you i say, jackass. happy?

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14 thoughts on “oooh oooh, that smell

  1. unfinishedrambler

    I was both genuinely concerned about your welfare AND the welfare of your blog. 😉 But really, we’re thinking of you– and hope everything gets better there soon for you and all those in your state.

  2. leigh Post author

    rambler – thanks! i’ll be feeling good enough to spank you again later.

    heyjoe – at least you didn’t accuse me of stinking up the lower 48.

  3. Doug at Taunt Vortex

    We’re glad to see that the hurricane didn’t dampen your sense of humor. Welcome back !

    Perchance have you heard the R.E.M. song “Houston” off of their most recent CD? It’s actually about Katrina, but you could probably relate, I’m sure.

  4. Candice

    Oh I would be unfit to live with in your situation. I have much sympathy for you sista.. Much sympathy.

    So glad you are doing well for the most part. 😉

    I hear sexy bald guys like musty pits. That’s good news, right?

  5. Dad

    You could always come home and bathe in the pool – or what is left after
    Nanna forgot to put clorine in when I was attending the sick, the halt, the
    lame and the disposessed in the Dallas Shelters. Unfortunately, Nanna does not know the difference between clorine and ice cream – consequently, the
    pool got soooo green one could walk on it. Currently being drained. Contractor comes tommorrow to upgrade to a beautiful spa.


  6. damon

    Okay, okay. I probably deserved the mama joke. But oddly enough, the smelly Texan odor was a suprisingly pleasant change from the usual nursing home/ redneck stank we’ve grown accustomed to. So, I thank you, and my mama thanks you. 😉

  7. teri

    oh girl, i’ve been wondering if you were affected. my dad is only a few miles down from you and they are fine – not even 2 hours w/o power.


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