things that make you say WTF? felt up edition

things are tough all over. the economy’s currently in the toilet (no pun intended) and my company’s been taking all sorts of cost-cutting measures to show a profit, and we’ve all been asked to do our part to help keep expenses down.

i’m all for being a team player and all, but it appears in an effort to save costs, here’s how a request to fix an ill-hung, gaping bathroom stall door was handled:


oh just wait. it gets even better.


yep. this may definitely be a sign that it’s time to get the old resume out.

what types of cheap cost-cutting measures have you seen at work?

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11 thoughts on “things that make you say WTF? felt up edition

  1. HeyJoe

    Can you say “low budget?”

    We had a similar problem at one of my past office buildings. We used to drape a long strip of toilet paper over the gap. How’s THAT for inventive, I mean low budget?

  2. candice

    Well, we got one stick of fing gum for nurses week at my hospital.

    Employer higher-ups “Hey, we sure in the hell appreciate what you do. Here, have this ONE stick of gum as a token of our appreciation for all of the shit you put up with.”

    Me- “Gee thanks. How bout you chew it, stick it up your ass and see how many bubbles you can blow with that stick of Wrigley Mint.”

    One stick of fing gum? Are you kidding me??

  3. muskrat

    i used to work somewhere that required doubling up when we’d travel. sorry, but grownups with doctorates shouldn’t have to share a hotel room unless they’re sleeping together, no matter how bad the economy is.

  4. leigh Post author

    hey joe – plus you can use the draped piece when the TP runs out. now that’s inventive.

    candice – but you each got your OWN piece, right? see, the gum part was just a dick move on their part, but making you all share a piece…now that would have been cheap.

    muskrat – and by sleeping i assume you mean “sleeping.”

  5. Jeff

    I was gonna say the exact same thing you said to hey joe. At least you can use that piece of felt when the TP runs out. On second thought, maybe you’d better take a closer look at it. After all, it IS hung with velcro!

  6. kev

    Wow, felt and velcro to fix a gaping hole in a bathroom stall?? I guess it could be worse — they COULD have hung the thing using duct tape. Nothing says classy quite like duct tape.


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