this day in history – november 12

now for something really important – november 12 is a great day in american history. do you know what today is? come on, you should know this! geez, it’s the day that marty mcfly went back to the future in the delorean that doc brown made into a time machine.


ok, i’m not really that big of a dork. i heard it on the radio this morning driving into work. however, i *love* this movie, it’s one of my all time favorites and it is quite possible the best fantasy flick ever made, in spite of the script.

now see, i’m ok with a film about peeping toms, bullies, rape, and a mom wanting to boink the new kid in town who just happens to be her son, but i can see how some of you might have problems with this. however, this is a case of a flick coming together perfectly – any director that can take a story with some icky oedipal overtones and turn it into a monster hit is a pure genius.

i think the only reason this flick didn’t tank is solely due to michael j. fox. this movie could have never been made without him. and in fact, it almost wasn’t.

probably one of the least well kept secrets in hollywood is that BTTF originally began filming with a different male lead cast. about 40 minutes of the movie was shot before director robert zemeckis realized people would be getting all creeped out by the mom/son love story unless they did something about the male lead, eric stoltz. so they fired him and brought in sweet inoffensive MJF. don’t believe me? check out the pics:

back-to-the-future-1.JPG back-to-the-future-2.JPG back-to-the-future-3.JPG
(click to biggie-size)

i for one, would LOVE to see what the missing footage looks like, but all that seems to have been released are the stills. when the movie was released on dvd a while back, rumors were flying around that we might get to see some of what was shot.

sadly, none was included with the official word being, “nothing was included out of respect to eric, his performance was very intense and not the tone we were looking for, blah, blah, blah,” which we all know is code for, “it was a craphole! it blew! he really, really sucked, and wasn’t funny, and it was a painful experience to watch, and we don’t think anyone should have to sit through it like we did, which is why we reshot the piece of sh*t!! 1985 is over! it’s the 2000s! get a freaking life!”

kind of makes you wonder what eric’s career would have been like if he’d had a chance to be in an iconic teen movie with a hot 80s writer or director? oh wait, i saw some kind of wonderful. nevermind.

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10 thoughts on “this day in history – november 12

  1. piratenamedneo

    not a big movie goer, but I did see the one that almost ruined Tim Currey’s career, of course I am speaking of … drum roll please……… The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    loved Back to the Future and yea Micheal made that movie. Funny the terrorist even in that movie were Mid East towel heads, lol

  2. leigh Post author

    neo – thanks for the comments, but dude! what is up with your blog?! it’s kind of….nasty!! at first i thought you were a spammer.

    joe – you’re just plain nasty. keep up the good work.

  3. leigh Post author

    muskrat – i know! crazy right?! i think everyone has a right to see this!

    neo – bwa! click on your name from the first comment you left. now i see it’s typo, but you have done this before, so i thought you had a porn blog.

  4. Bex

    Wow! I had no idea. I think part of it could have been costumes, too. They had Stolz in what looks like a black leather jacket which is a lot different than that orange puffy thing Fox was rocking. Besides, everybody knows that young men in leather jackets are far more likely to have mothers who secretly lust after them…. (shudder….)


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