election eve musings

i’ve got a secret. i don’t know if i should tell any of you, because i don’t feel like getting a ration of sh*t. today is election day and i’ll be honest. i’m having a really hard time deciding who’s the least crappy candidate.mccain.jpg

see, here’s the problem. i don’t really *like* any of the final choices that the parties have come up with.

first let’s take john mccain. john apparently has some anger and sarcasm issues which are not at all attractive, and then there’s all the facial expressions and camera mugging which makes it virtually impossible to watch him for any extended length of time. plus, he’s batsh*t crazy, but being held in captivity for five years by the north vietnamese will do that to you.

then there’s sarah palin. i love that the republicans said, “you’ve got a black guy? well, check this sh*t out!” i think i like her, but i suspect this has more to do with the fact that i like tina fey, and it would be really great to watch tina impersonate her on SNL for the next four years.

then there’s obama. probably the least objectionable personality in the bunch, but even hillary clinton said he wasn’t qualified, and i think we should believe her since we all know who was really wearing the pants in the white house when bill was president, mostly because his were down all of the time.


and then there’s biden. this guy needs a cork in his pie hole.


WTF is wrong with the parties!? this is the BEST they could do? where’s the charisma? these people are all assholes!

and why would they even want to be president NOW? whoever wins is going to inherit the biggest economic clusterf*ck since the great depression. regardless of who gets elected, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

i’ve voted for both dems and republicans and based on those experiences, i can say i completely understand the old adage, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”


here’s what i want:

  • both dems and republicans have shown that left to their own devices, they will eff us all over for their own financial gain. therefore, i demand regulation and consequences for the powerful wall street firms whose CEOs would bankrupt companies and then leave with golden parachutes, AND the likes of franklin raines and those who would cook the fannie and freddie books to line their own pockets.
  • the right of women to have reproductive control over their bodies – just don’t expect me to pay for their abortions.
  • legalize pot, tax the crap out of it, and balance the budget with just the proceeds from california alone.

problem solved! find me a candidate with a platform like that and i’ll be first in line to vote. until then, i think i’m just gonna sit this one out.

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10 thoughts on “election eve musings

  1. piratenamedneo

    well I did vote, probably should have gone with my gut instinct in the poll and left that one blank as if to say “none of the above.”
    don’t you love the power you feel as one insignificant voter? had my say on several issues but kinda knew O’bama was gonna win.
    I was saying during the entire campaign “this is the best you can do?” have voted both sides of the party just didn’t think we had much to choose from this time up.

  2. dad

    Lordy, I can’t believe I am going to get the first chance to comment.

    Here is my assessment. We have been in a constitutional crisis since the Dems and the Reps reached a degree of parity. Consequenty, their focus has not been the good of the country – but the good of their parties. This translates into actions and activities to attract voters to vote for them with a series of gifts/benefits/legislation that “enhance?” their existence. It is a ploy to “stay” in power.

    Now, the country does not have at this time an alternative to the thieves and corrupt politicians (in both parties) who seek to ensure their re-election by manipulating the voters with legislative lures. So, the parties buy the votes.

    Next, the “captains” of industry and business, through their lobbying efforts, buy the elected representatives (also know as thieves and corrupt officials). With 400 plus lobbyist within the beltway, our thieves and corrupt officials are bombarded daily, nightly, and on weekends to provide special favors to the “captains” of industry and business. This is the basis for the current “tax” code.

    The result is that these current day “robber barons” conspire to literally rob the productive nexus of the country (read lower, middle and upper middle class) to amass great personal fortunes at the expense of the voters. (really, we all lose. If the cycle continues the nation will be destroyed).

    Additonally and unfortunately, there is no alternative to these parties strong enought to vote them out of power. Libertarians —-No! Socialist —-No! Other political parties —-No.

    What is needed is for the center of both parties (the responsible Democrats and Republicans) to form a new party. Call it the Pragmatic Party of America if you like. This party would do what is “right” for the union, restore the true meaning of democracy, and take the country back to a simblance of rationality.

    I could say a lot more on this – but this post will probably bring “hell” to this blog and to No 1 daughter.

    Love you.


  3. damon

    I am a proud member of the ‘keg’ party. We have plenty of members, it’s just that we can’t stay sober long enough to find where to vote.

  4. Doug at Taunt Vortex

    Leigh’s Dad – I’m nothing if not pragmatic. I’m all for doing what works, and nothing has been working much for the last few decades. So put me on that Pragmatic Party of America list.

    And Leigh – Obama has his faults, but to say he doesn’t have charisma? Even Ronald Reagan thinks he’s got charisma, and he’s dead. What, you holding out for Jesus? I really don’t think he’d want the job. I do think you’re onto something with that pot tax. How about if we throw in a “Celine Dion” tax along with it. If I’m going to have to listen to her, at least it should do the country’s coffers some good.

  5. muskrat

    i find the government works best when it can’t work at all, so we need congress and the president to be from opposing parties. obama is fine, but we need to change control of congress now!

  6. Rickey Henderson

    Not to get too preachy, but we did get a helluva great president last week. Fucking light years above and beyond the competition. And frankly, pot should never be legalized. We live in enough of a paternalistic society already, thank you very much. The last thing anyone wants is pot being regulated by the U.S. government.


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