i think i need an intervention

since i got laid off in november, i’ve been adjusting to being a stay-at-home mom and trying to figure out what the hell unemployed women actually do all day to keep themselves busy, besides being in charge of the laundry, and i’ve finally developed a schedule to keep my hours filled. here are some of my new found daily pleasures:

  • making breakfast for the kids
  • driving my daughter to school at 6:45am every morning in my pajamas despite the fact that the middle school bus passes right in front of our house
  • driving my son to school at 8:30am every morning in my pajamas (i know! damn texas school schedules!) despite the fact that the elementary school bus passes right in front of our house
  • taking a nap after everyone leaves
  • foregoing the daily shower
  • renouncing makeup
  • lounging around in the clothes that i slept in all night
  • thinking about going to the gym and deciding i will go tomorrow
  • lying on the couch watching soaps until everyone gets home
  • making home-cooked dinners every night
  • helping the kids with their homework
  • getting the kids showered and ready for bed
  • throwing down a few cocktails
  • staying up late and watching tivoed episodes of the train wreck that is rock of love bus

and i’m FINE people, i’m really, really FINE.

anyway, so this morning after i dropped my daughter off at school, i realized that i was out of creamer and the thought of going home and drinking coffee watered down with milk was just too much to bear.

“hey!” i said to myself. “walmart’s open 24 hours and it’s just around the corner from the school. i can pop in there and be home before anyone else wakes up.”

so i went… in these and my jammie pants. hey! don’t give me that look! i don’t have a problem! these are REALLY nice slippers.


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13 thoughts on “i think i need an intervention

  1. unfinishedrambler

    Uh, Leigh, you did know the tag was still on them, right? 😉

    On a serious note, I for one hope you really are doing well and don’t need an intervention. At least, I take it as a good sign that you’re posting.

  2. joeybear

    damn, Leigh those were my shoes with the tag on it. yours are the ones without the tag. 1st i play your football league for you and now your stealing my shoes. does the walmart greeter still know you on a 1st name basis?

  3. HeyJoe

    Oh my God. You’ve become one of “those people.” Pajamas and slippers in public. Clearly an intervention is called for. Unless of course you’re in the habit of sleeping in a teddy and thong and then we have no problem.

  4. Lidian

    Sounds like a wild time indeed! I know all about this but I was walking rather than driving back and forth from the school eighty times a day and feeling guilty for not wanting to volunteer for things there. Those are nice slippers, just call them clogs and take the price tag off and you’re good to go!

  5. leigh Post author

    rambler – thanks for spawning my next post.

    joeybear – same to you.

    hey joe – i never wear a thong. it’s commando or nothing….uhhhhh…you know what i mean.

    neo – at 6:45 am i actually was about the best dressed one there.

    lobo – next year i’ll just have the hubs beat you guys outright.

    lidian – welcome to leighonline!!! i haven’t been posting much so it’s great to get a new visitor. actually hush puppies CALLS them clogs! i think they’re cross-promoting them so people will wear them outside of the home.

    candice – for target, i def would have worn the flip flops.

    bex – spoken like a true kindred spirit!!

    bee – go horns!

  6. RaBT

    I know, right? Walmart I think is meant to go to with very little care on what it is you’re wearing. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone in there in much better. It’s kinda like casual Friday at work, but all the time. Another thing I find worthy of adding to the list (as I’m doing now) procrastinating the thought of doing the dishes or just waiting till the kids gets home to do them and telling them I was too busy to do it myself. Does that make me a horrible person? 🙂


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