kung phooey

master po: close your eyes. what do you hear?kungfu3
young kwai: i hear the water, i hear the birds.
po: do you hear your own heartbeat?
kwai: no.
po:   ….oops.


dear david,

frankly, i’m a little embarrassed for you. and not just because you are decidedly not chinese.

we all know thailand is the destination for those who may have slight proclivities for the *ahem* unusual, but being found naked in a hotel room with a rope around your neck AND your junk isn’t just a little sad, it also a lot creepy. 

nothing like pulling a michael hutchence and offing yourself on accident and now your family is left to clean up all your freaky deaky dirty laundry.

plus your most famous contribution will be you’ve brought new meaning to the term “well hung.”

RIP, grasshopper.

8 thoughts on “kung phooey

  1. Wendy

    thank you for writing what many are thinking!! 🙂 can you believe the way the story unfolds? suicide….interviews w/ppl saying “he seemed in good spirits” blahblahblah….come on, people!

    on the other hand, the dude was 72! does he get some points for still trying at 72?! at that age, i may only need a rope to get my old bod out of bed in the morning!

  2. Beau Horner

    Should we change his name to David “Carriditwell”?

    I’m just sad that the last thing we remember him for are those damn Yellow Pages commercials…


  3. Whup-ass Master

    How is hanging from a noose a turn-on? On the short list of things we’d rather not get into sexually, strangulation is up there. We’d also rather not be stomped on, electrocuted or peed upon, thanks.

  4. Waltsense

    Last week Weeds episode covered the sex/masturbation /hanging phenom pretty funny but this takes the cake. As for your opinion of what happened – that would be a confirmation mam.

  5. LOTGK

    Sadly, it was time for Grasshopper to leave the temple.
    If only he would have stayed for one remaining important lesson.
    “Don’t goddamn hang yourself in a hotel room for sexual release.


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