can’t we all just get along?

saywhat12i know i’ve told you about my new job,  but what i may have failed to mention is that i am totally down with all the sistas at work.

i feel like that alicia silverstone character in the movie beauty shop. only there’s no hot black dude with a bad case of reverse jungle fever for yours truly. damnit.

there are definately some cultural differences, but i will say this – i think they have totally embraced me. no seriously! not to brag or anything, but i can usually fit in anywhere.

just ask all my new best friends — Genetha, Krystyna, LaDawntay, LaTanya, LaTrease, Luwanda, Marilyon, Melynda, Monesha, Shawnda, Tanisha, Tawnya, Tomeka, Tracia, Velbeth (otherwise known as Velvet), and of course my girl Tresondria*.

holla, ya’ll!

(*all these names are real and taken straight off the employee phone list. no names have been changed to protect my innocence. hope nobody there ever googles themselves or i’ll probably get my skinny white ass kicked.)

7 thoughts on “can’t we all just get along?

  1. Ed

    Let me know when you have to talk to the Human Resources people about this. I will appear in
    your behalf as a character witness!!

    The Colonel


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