eff, i’ve been memed

damn you, rickey henderson. i hate memes. but rickey just posted a really cool one that i had never seen before. movie quotes! awesome, i thought. i’ve seen tons of movies. this should be fun…and easy. ThumbUpDown.gif

not even one. not even ONE that i could remotely figure out without googling. so, i’m taking the low road. i’m not trying to be clever, or impress anyone with my knowledge of obscure movie quotes. these are going to be easy, people. 

also, i have taken some liberties. they might not ALL be movies. i expect perfect scores.

let’s get crackin’:

1. get your ass to mars. (diesel – total recall)

2. i made some love stains in the back. you’ll see. (rickey – harold and kumar)

3. christ. seven years of college down the drain. might as well join the effing peace corps. (george – animal house)

4. giggity! (family guy – bee)

5. looks like i picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. (frogster – airplane)

6. effing chuck norris! (renal failure – dodge ball)

7. people on ludes should not drive. (frogster – fast times at ridgemont high)

8. doughnuts. is there anything they can’t do? (harris bloom – homer simpson)

9. i’m not even supposed to be here today! (frogster – clerks)

10. wow, that was really scary and if you don’t mind me saying, if that don’t work, your breath will certainly get the job done, cause you definitely need some tic tacs or something, cause your breath STINKS! (joeybear – shrek)

11. slap it. shoot it. kaboot it! (joeybear – school of rock)

12. just cinch it! (diesel – SNL gap girls skit – this is a classic. i’m going to try to find it on youtube)

13. hey, if you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, i will. i got spare time. (frogster – tommy boy)

14. i caught you a delicious bass. (harris bloom – napolean dynamite)

15. he leaves work, he’s on his way home. WHAM, his cappa is detated from his head.

16. blown up, sir! (frogster – stripes)

17. this is a hybrid. this is a cross, ah, of bluegrass, kentucky bluegrass, featherbed bent, and northern california sensemilia. the amazing stuff about this is, that you can play 36 holes on it in the afternoon, take it home and just get stoned to the bejeezus-belt that night on this stuff. (renal failure – caddyshack)

18. – what happened to buzzsaw? (frogster – running man)
      – he had to split.

19. tattoo on the lower back? might as well be a bullseye. (wedding crashers – rickey)

20. max, can you earmuff for me? we are going to get so much ass here, it’s going to be sick. i’m talking like crazy boy band ass. (old school – bee)

ok, there you have it. i’m not going to call any one out, but if you feel so inclined, come up with your own list.

get your ass over to http://www.humor-blogs.com/

25 thoughts on “eff, i’ve been memed

  1. Rickey Henderson

    Thanks for responding!

    #19 is of course, “Wedding Crashers.” Rickey knows a bunch more, but doesn’t want to spoil the fun by giving em all away.

    Oh what the hell, #2 is “Harold & Kumar.” Great flick.

  2. leigh Post author

    as usual, rickey knows his shit. congratu-fuckin’-lations!

    leigh is looking forward to the sequel with great anticiption.

  3. leigh Post author

    diesel – you are correct. the gap skit was a classic from the days when adam sandler, chris farley and david spade were on SNL.

  4. Theresa

    This is my first time here, so I’m just going to say I really like your header. I’m too lazy to google the quotes that are left, but I am curious about 6.

  5. leigh Post author

    renalfailure – 17, yes. nice save on #6.

    that’s it except for #15. guess i stumped the panel.

    thanks for playing everyone.


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