ashley alexandra dupre is my new myspace friend

or she would have been, if i had gotten my lazy ass up off the couch last night.

apparently, her myspace page was still active as of yesterday. sadly, now it’s gone. *UPDATE* page is back up!!!

now you may be wondering why in the world, i would be interested in having a high-priced call girl as my friend?

simple. anyone capable of almost single-handedly ruining eliot shitzer’s undeserved and ill-gotten career in politics is tops in my book. plus girlfriend can rock the chic hippy look.


shitzer’s entire career was built on lies, deceit and hypocrisy. i pity his wife and poor daughters, but he can burn in hell. i personally worked for a company that shitzer set his sights on and a lot of good, innocent people were hurt.

truthfully, i could really care less about a politician banging some high-dollar hooker. ordinarily, i’d be pissed and consider this a perfect case of wasting tax-payer’s money (can you say congressional hearing?). in shitzer’s case, i’m willing to make an exception. it’s the moral and ethical void he operated in, while hiding beneath a cloak of self-righteousness. plus he was a giant ass and a big bully. what comes around goes around and eliot, karma’s a bitch.

anyway, back to ashley. i love her. i’ve been out stalking her on the internet and found these lovely pictures, and these music samples. apparently she want to be a singer. i hope she makes it.

go girl. love you. call me.

13 thoughts on “ashley alexandra dupre is my new myspace friend

  1. Bex

    I TOTALLY agree. I don’t care who the politicians bang and I think this guy is a total ass who got what was coming. I can’t wait until we get the juicy details about what she had to do to him to earn $4,300. Butt plugs? A little strap on action? Dominitrix stuff? Or maybe she had to clutch onto his gigantic dumbo ears and tell him what a worthless piece of garbage he is. I hear big name politicians love that kind of stuff.

    I, who am queen of the lazies, had my laptop (very conveniently) on my lap last night, so I did see her MySpace page. It was completely lifted by all of the major newspapers so that’s where they are getting her trouble with drugs and being homeless stuff from. And I am REALLY glad that I wasn’t the first to admit (you were!) but I liked her song. Quite a bit, actually. So I guess we can look forward to her getting a recording deal. Let me guess…her first album will be called, “Ho No Mo”.

  2. damon

    OOOOhh, Miss Ashley is so hot. I would eat Lucky Charms out of a paper hat and hum the chorus to “the ping-pong song” while I chewed, just to walk down the streets of Barbados with her older sisters.
    Bravo Spitz, bravo.

  3. Jinksy

    any guy would be lucky to ahve her support them.
    Truth be told, she can earn more in an hour than a lot of guys earn in a month.

    Sugar mama.

  4. leigh Post author

    bex – ooh. tmi. he’s so yucky i can’t even think about it. omg, i am so jealous you saw her page. i really hope she makes it. other people have done more with less (hello, madonna).

    damon – i’d do her too, and i like dudes.

    bee – i totally agree. i’ve heard people complaining that she wasn’t hot. they must be blind. if this had happened before my surgery, i’d totally be dragging a picture of her down to my plastic surgeon.

  5. Theresa

    So, now that the page is up again, all the MySpace users will be running over to look at it. I really don’t care where politicians keep their willies, but if they waste the taxpayers’ money doing it then I say off with their heads…or should that be off with their tails?


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