april whine


well, i’m going to france in april.  

my husband won this company-sponsored sales contest and the first place winners and their significant others are receiving an all(most) expense paid trip to paris.

my husband is ecstatic and has been doing his little happy dance all over the house.  

i’m being a cry-baby bitch.

you see, the second place winners (also known as the losers, according to my husband) are going to cabo.cabo.jpg

let’s compare, shall we:


  • spend two days traveling to get there.
  • arrive paris and spend four days riding around in tour buses visiting a bunch of old shit, while suffering the scorn and disdain of the locals.
  • spend two days flying home.
  • suffer from jet lag until the following week. jesus, i’m just adapting to daylight savings time.


  • two hour plane trip.
  • spend 7 days getting drunk on the beach.
  • no english, no problem. your money’s green.
  • two hour flight home.
  • recuperate a day before going back to work.


ok, so am i being ungrateful?

i’m asking you. which would you prefer? cabo or paris?


15 thoughts on “april whine

  1. ArmadilloTrader

    I’m torn. The ArmadilloTrader wife and I love Key West. You can drink, hang out and watch the weird locals, hang out and watch the weird tourists, hit the beach, then eat and drink some more. So, it’s a bit Cabo-ish.

    On the other hand, I’ve never been to Europe, and I DO like to watch the History channel…

    Oh, but that short two hour flight to Cabo sounds better than an overseas flight and dealing with security, passports, visas, etc.

  2. damon

    France is : wine, women with hairy armpits, snails for dinner, overcast skies, and a big erector set tower thingy.

    Cabo is: margaritas, senoritas, chimichangas, sunsets on the beach, and did I mention the margaritas?

    Winning truly isn’t everything.

    (Maybe you could trade?)

  3. leigh Post author

    damon – unfortunately, no trading is allowed. believe me, i already asked.

    i wonder if you can get a decent margarita in paris? eh, it’s probably not the same.

  4. joeybear

    First off it’s Venice and Paris. One day flight. 8 days/7 nights vs. 6 days/5 nights (which means you still lose two days of travel per trip either way).

    Great Margaritas – guarantee you they are better in our home town!
    French/Italian Food vs. Hotel Mexican Food (YUK) How many time have you gone to Mexico (one million)? Passports are now required with the Federales. They love to strip search hot blondes.

    Didn’t you take French in highschool? Suck up the red wine and chill!

  5. Jeffrey Ellis

    Holy sheeit, dude (or dudette, I should say). You are getting royally screwed. Cabo would be da bomb compared to Paris. Unless you’re a hairy-armpitted unwashed wine snob, that is.

  6. Tracy

    I still gotta go with the trip to Europe. Both sound amazing but it’s Europe!
    I hope you’re able to go and have a great time. Who knows, it may surprise you!

  7. Daniel

    Venice and Paris are two marvelous parts of Europe. And both have great food and loads of nice wines.

    However, for the all(most) expense part that you have to cover, you forgot the value of our decimated dollar for buying in a strong Euro market in the pro/con’s. Yuck.

  8. Rickey Henderson

    Paris in a heartbeat. Rickey’s been to both Cabo and gay Paris, and Rickey will tell you that genuine culture trumps beach bum culture any day of the week. You’re going to have a blast in Paris. Remember to angrily demmand your freedom fries while you’re there!

  9. leigh Post author

    interesting. the comments are running 2 cabo, 4 paris and one undecided.

    rickey – you…paris? i figured you for a cabo guy all the way. ok then, i’m counting on having a good time. if i don’t, i’m holding you fully responsible.

  10. Shieldmaiden96

    Feh, you can go to Cabo anytime. Relatively cheaply.
    In Paris, you can play the game my family used to play, earning what we call ‘Ugly American Points’, or UAPs. Whenever someone does something that earns either hostility or disdain from the locals, the rest of the family assesses a point value. Winner has to do something cheesy and cliche before departure and can’t complain. (I’d suggest forcing the wearing of a black beret, a la European Vacation.)

  11. Bee

    Will your husband take me instead? I promise nothing fishy will go on since you look like a super model and I look like a toad! :o)

    I’d prefer going to Europe since it’s my dream! Also, I sunburn super easy.

  12. terily

    don’t forget that this little trip to paris is making you miss MY big birthday bash. and it’s gonna be a good one, suite – no, now we are in the ballroom – at the driskill 🙂 so you BETTER enjoy it 🙂
    love ya!!!


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