now, here’s leigh with the sports!

yeah, i know. what the hell are you doing leigh?!! you’re asking. you don’t know *jack* about sports. you should be leaving this up to the pros like rickey henderson or damon or someone, anyone else with a penis. you’re probably right, but here goes anyway.

behold sean pendergast, repeat winner of the jim rome smackoff, a mockfest held annually on SeanPendergast2.jpgrome’s sports talk radio show. callers are invited to rip into athletes, teams, politicians and each other. the nastiest, lowdown meanest, funniest caller is crowned winner. now i may not know sports, but i do know funny, and nobody appreciates good sarcasm better then me.

it’s a cinderella story. pendergast, a balding middle-aged salesman at a financial services company, with a wicked sense of humor, manages to win the smackoff an unprecedented five times and come in second twice, and gets his own radio show in the houston market in the process. pendergast named himself the “cablinasian” as a spoof of tiger woods, who created the word to describe his multiracial heritage: ca (caucasian) bl (black) in (indian) asian (uh, asian). he’s not prejudiced. he makes fun of everybody.

so anyway, in addition to his radio show, the guy has a blog, the sports kolache. he doesn’t seem to get much traffic so i just wanted to send some his way.

now behold this (courtesy of the sports kolache): kige ramsey – a one man media conglomerate and “founder” of YouTube Sports. apparently this guy has been making and uploading videos for a while now, but just watch and then let me know if you think this poor boy has suffered a head injury.

that’s it for this special edition of H-B sports!

9 thoughts on “now, here’s leigh with the sports!

  1. what's a donzer

    Wow. I just got all this itchy, splotchy guilt for watching (from the edge of my seat!) this guy who I assumed was afflcted with some developmental disability. After googling him and learning that he, apparently, has no learning disability and that’s just him, well, wow. Thanks for introducing him into my life.

  2. Bex

    Yowzers. The guy in that video! I’ll bet that even Ashley Alexandra Dupre wouldn’t poke him. (Bless his heart.) Of course, she probably doesn’t have to poke anyone if she doesn’t want to these days.

  3. leigh Post author

    bex – yeah, i’m a little saddened now that the whole girls gone wild stuff has been leaked. i like her better when she was getting paid instead of giving it away for free.

    damon – no problemo. that’s how i roll.

  4. Tracy

    I watched that video and now I’m sleepy.
    I liked how………..he had these huge………pauses in unusual….places.
    And I also loved his use of the phrase “the tornado and ALL THAT.”
    I liked your sports edition. Atleast I understood what you were talking about. My husband tries to educate me in the ways of sports but it’s all gibberish to me.

  5. elasticwaistbandlady

    I think that this guy’s friend, Billy Bob was writing everything down on posterboards because they didn’t have a Teleprompter and Kige couldn’t just wing it, no, he had to wait for his posterboard cue to continue with his hellfire brand of sports reporting.


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