pf changs is to the 2000s what singles bars were to the 1970s

last night we had a girl’s night out for one of my friends who just had a birthday. we decided to go have drinks first and then dinner, and i didn’t come rolling in until about 1 a.m. this morning. it totally blows to be me right now, and all i want to do is scarf some breakfast tacos and then make a pallet under my desk in my office like george did on that episode of seinfeld.

anyway, i discovered something totally weird last night at pf changs. on a thursday night at 6:30 the place was SICK with crazy cougar action!


no silly! not this kind of cougar. this kind.


there appeared to be some sort of turf war going on with one camp parked at the bar and another solidly holding down the back corner, and they appeared none too pleased that the MILFs had just arrived.  relax ladies. we’re just here for the booze.

anyway, i have to admit, these women scared me. watching a bunch of scantily clad middle age women whoop it up in the pf changs bar was a new experience for me, but i don’t get out much anymore.

but guys, these woman are on the prowl and know what they want.

just wanted to pass along the info in case anyone’s interested.

get some at

12 thoughts on “pf changs is to the 2000s what singles bars were to the 1970s

  1. Bee

    A couple of years ago I had a sweet assistant who was in his early 20s. I soooo wanted to be Rachel to his Tag but um… I’m married.

    How old do you have to be to officially be called a cougar?

  2. leigh Post author

    damon – one word. plastics.

    maiden – TOTAL fake boobies. and frightening eye shadow.

    bee – i think it’s over forty. but it’s more a lifestyle than an age. older woman seeks younger hot male for meaningless sex. think mrs. robinson in the graduate.

  3. Fiar

    Other than being not-available, here’s my problem. I’m not really a “younger hot male” anymore. The funny thing is, I don’t care. I actually kind of enjoy getting older.

  4. Bex

    You know…I’ve been thinking about cougars lately myself. I went on a girls night out about a month ago and some guy says, “Ahh…a couple of cougars out for the night, eh?” I almost showed him my inner cougar by ripping out his jugular vein. I was thinking, “I’m not fucking cougar, asswipe. I’m just out for a few drinks. But I am 39…AM I a cougar? When the hell did THAT happen….” You get the picture.

    In a nutshell my cougar-ish attributes are my age, my big boobs, ehhhh….I dunno. I think that might be it. Anyway, I enjoyed your post. I’ll let you and Jeremy get back to…whatever the hell that was….

    PS She TOTALLY looked rode hard. She looks like she could suck-start a leaf blower. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m just sayin’…..

  5. Bex

    Upon closer inspection, could it be that the one on the right is hiding something under her chunky necklace? Something like….oh, I don’t know…an Adams Apple or something????

  6. leigh Post author

    bex – i don’t really like the name either. but it applies to a SINGLE older woman on the prowl for a younger man. i perfer the term MILF myself.

    yeah, i have no idea what jeremy’s deal is but i figured resorting to elementary school name calling was the proper response.

    she is just all over unappealing.


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