8 thoughts on “you’d dig it the most

  1. damon

    I’d have commented earlier, but I just had to watch all 14 Pulp Fiction clips! I love that freakin movie. Since Vincent didn’t know, did you go to Burger King? What do they call a Whopper?

  2. leigh Post author

    damon – i did a little research and i don’t think BK has a presence in italy or france. they do however have one in the UK and have something called the “double angry whopper.” i promise, next time i go on vacation in a foreign country, i’ll pay more attention to the fast food.

  3. Hänni

    and considering that my experiences with BK have prompted me to call it “Diarrhea King”, I think this whopper with jalapenos could make me angry, or at least make my bum angry, as the reprecussion of eating one would undoubtedly entail hours on (BK) throne.

  4. Mark

    Why the hell are the Fries called “Patatine”? Aren’t they “pommes frittes” (or “frittes”)? What the hell is going on in there?


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