beaten to the punch

you know when you go to your company picnic, and you take a lot of pictures of your co-workers drinking beer and doing silly stuff to make asses of themselves?

and you are saving the pictures to think up a really funny story?

and then your co-worker steals the pictures off your slide account and writes a post so funny that it almost makes you wet your pants?

god, i hate that. i’m shocked…and stunned… and very disappointed…mostly because i’m pissed that i didn’t think of it first.


plus, i’m really glad no one got pictures of me passed out on the picnic table. you never would have believed alcohol wasn’t involved.

well played, hanni. well played.


9 thoughts on “beaten to the punch

  1. Hänni

    i’m shocked…and stunned…and very disappointed… you did not full-on wet your pants.

    I will have to work harder on next year’s post.

  2. Carolyn

    Well, Hanni’s blog photos are actually from LAST year’s crawfish boil…this year I ate my sausage in private, sans any cameras…

  3. Hanni

    BTW leigh thanks for publishing the picture that clearly shows a blister on my mouth. I look like I have herpes. For the record, i do not.

  4. leigh Post author

    hanni – i’m not sure it’s any worse than me looking like i got a whiff of something really stanky while lee’s hoarking down his pork.

  5. damon

    The picture of the dude hummin on that sausage should be the new company logo. Hope he realizes that with pictures like that on the internet, he can NEVER be president!

  6. leigh Post author

    damon – i’m pretty sure he’s blissfully unaware that this even exists…for now. heh. plus the reason there’e no pics of me crashed out is because i was holding the only working camera. hanni’s batteries ran out. very fortuitous.


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