flashback fridays explained

my mind is a vast repository of pop culture and fin de siècle trivia from the 20th century. my knowledge of bad music and other useless nonsense is so far reaching in fact, that sometimes i get the following kinds of phone calls from my hubby:lips.jpg

him: hey, what’s the name of that song, you know the one, it goes, la la la de de doo de dum.
me: oh you mean heart and soul?
him: yeah! who sang that?
me: t’pau.
him: sweet! i’m about to win twenty bucks.

see? completely useless, meaningless stuff, yet it’s all locked away, hogging precious gray matter.

anyway, so i’ve decided to put my *knowledge* to some good use by introducing a new weekly feature i like to call FLASHBACK FRIDAYS!

my sister, sessie, once said something really profound. we were in sitting in city spirits, a funky, now-defunct bar in lodo denver, having some drinks and i said something about how it seemed to me america was losing it’s sweetness. i couldn’t believe what we were seeing in the media and it just seemed to be getting worse.

“leigh,” she said, “if you think the 90s are bad, just wait. the 2000s are gonna make the 80s seem like the 50s.” alcohol makes philosophers of us all. but in this instance she was so right.

so, this is is just going to be an opportunity for me to dig up some old relics from a kinder, gentler time which will hopefully make you laugh or smile and say, “hey! i remember that! omg!” or maybe you’ll say, “WTF, i NEVER saw that before in my life! how the eff old are you anyway, leigh?! you need to get out more.”

either way, i hope you enjoy it.

so, for our first installment i’d like to share this. this was an awesome song that we danced our butts off to. i only ever heard it out clubbing and never on the radio.

so do you remember and if so , what did you think?

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12 thoughts on “flashback fridays explained

  1. Bex

    Dude. Where’d you grow up? Puerto Rico?? It’s like a Bollywood video in Spanish. Or…Spollywood, as I like to call it. As for the new series, BRING IT. I, my friend, am the 80’s QUEEN. The Thompson Twins can make me feel so nostalgic. Which is so very, very sad in its’ own way. I think I’ve said too much. So I’m outta here…. CLICK! ;))

  2. Tracy

    I love this idea! I’m always looking for ways to reminisce about the good old days where the eyeshadow was electric blue and our hair stood up ten inches off our heads! Can’t wait for next Friday!

  3. leigh Post author

    bex – i grew up in austin, texas. i guess we just like freaky music.

    diesel – oh, i’ll get to huey soon enough.

    tracy – glad you like it. plus, i’m always open for suggestions.

    bee – omg! you have to see this. if you still can’t view it, go to youtube and search for magazine 60, don quichotte. no no no no no senor!

  4. Meg

    Flashback Fridays are cool. Flashback shaggy hairstyles on guitar dudes are not. I’m going to have nightmares now!

    But speaking of FF, show me some lovin’ and check mine out this weekend.

  5. leigh Post author

    meg – i never said flashback fridays were going to be pretty. only that they would be amusing.

    i like to leave the gardening to the professionals. i’ve got a black thumb.

  6. Sessie

    OMG!!!! Don Quixote!!! STRUTZ!!! 1985!!!! I totally remember saying that too, about the 2000’s making the 80’s look like the 50’s!!! Crack me up.

    Love Sessie

  7. leigh Post author

    sessie – i miss the old strutz days. that club was the shizz.

    yeah, your prediction has stayed with me for years. i knew some day it would come in handy.

  8. Lew

    At first I thought that was a spin-off of Ta Mara and the Seen! But then again… Why would anyone want to spin that off?

    Good times.

  9. Sue

    OMG – I have T’pau on my ipod – I totally remember all the useless crap also. I’m the only person i know who liked Andrew Ridgely more than George Michael. (remember “shake”?) Don’t recall this one, which is astounding, but it seems 1 part Animotion, 1 part Debarge and 1 part Rockwell.

  10. Hanni

    I’m really glad that this is the first and hopefully last time i will have ever heard this song. Makes Who Let The Dogs Out seem pretty epic.


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