there’s a reason the first olympians were naked

i know summer’s almost here, because swim season is underway.

last week, i took my daughter to buy a speedo fastskin. these suits are designed to reduce drag and have shark-like qualities, whatever the hell that means.

anyway, since these suits have been introduced, they have been helping swimmers smash world records and have generated quite a bit of controversy. the seams are welded together so there’s no stitching and therefore less resistance. almost like swimming nekkid. heh.

well apparently it worked because during our first meet this weekend, my daughter set some personal bests.

not to be outdone, her brother decided he also wanted a new suit. i wouldn’t buy him a fastskin because he’s only 7, but following the logic of the fastskin, i guess he decided less was better.

either that, or inside my tiny little boy, beats the heart of a middle-aged italian man.

enjoy the picture, pervs!


8 thoughts on “there’s a reason the first olympians were naked

  1. HeyJoe

    As a middle-aged Italian man, I take issue with this. Only because I don’t look half as good in my banana hammock.

    Curse the young!!

  2. leigh Post author

    joe – youth is definitely wasted on the young. i wish i had my daughter’s abs.

    hanni and alice – he’s a little dude that walks to the beat of his own drummer.

    bee – aren’t you in texas? it’s already in the 90s in h-town.


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