if it’s thursday, then i’m not wearing any pants

i love thursday. one of the perks of my job (actually probably the only perk, because working for the software company i work for generally blows on the whole) is getting to telecommute. i get one designated telecommuting day a week and i picked thursday. i would have picked friday, but that wasn’t allowed because they figured (correctly i might add) that people wouldn’t actually be working. but, having one less day to drag my ass all the way down to the galleria is one less day i have to interact with some of the people at work i’d like to bitch slap.

so in celebration of today, here’s my top ten list of why i love thursdays.

10. standing girl’s night out on wednesday night

9. rolling out of bed work2.jpgat 8:00am and logging onto my computer = being on time

8. bypassing two hours of traffic gridlock

7. 20% less chance of my telling a coworker to go eff themselves than in a five day work week

6. better coffee

5. farting

4. the couch in my study

3. no websense

2. naked phone teleconferences

1. showers? we don’t need no stinking showers!

if you get to work from home, what do you like best about it?


16 thoughts on “if it’s thursday, then i’m not wearing any pants

  1. Shieldmaiden96

    I worked from home every day for a whole year. One of my favorite things was being on extended counselling calls with customers, and wandering outside with my headset on to weed, or transplant seedlings, while talking to them. During frustrating calls I’d sweep my porch.

    I also enjoyed getting gas once a month.

    It was lonely though. I kind of like being in the office now.

  2. leigh Post author

    maiden – i worked for a very small firm once. sometimes i was the only person in the office for days. i agree it was lonely. i always thought i was anti-social until then. now, i realize i like going into the office. i need the adult interaction.

  3. HeyJoe

    I think the ideal situation would be three days at home, two days in the office, thereby allowing the social butterfly in me a chance to interact.

    One of the perks to being at home is being able to do other things while working; e.g., laundry, neutering the cat, etc. I spend so much time at work dicking off unproductively that it would be nice to actually do some productive dicking off at home.

    It goes without saying that all of the above would be done naked. Except for the times when I’m in the office because then I would either:
    • Make people ill
    • Be arrested

  4. kc

    I don’t know, sometimes things that “blow on the [w]hole” can be kind of fun. Sorry, couldn’t resist. I have a co-worker that tele-commutes sometimes. It’s a euphamism for “too hung over to come in.”

  5. Jinksy

    The one tech company I worked for used to do “Summer Hours” where everyone had the Friday off, except for one rotating member of staff (who could answer calls, deal with walk-ins,etc.). When “Summer Hours” spilled into November & December, it made Xmas shopping much easier too.

  6. damon

    If I could find a way to build a house on a computer or over the phone, I’d give it a shot.
    Until then, I’ll be farting on the jobsite.

    Hey Leigh! Pull my finger.

  7. Eric "Cluck" Knapp

    Working from home is the best … I live on a farm, meaning that in addition to my commute, I have to get up early and do some smell-inducing farm chores, and then shower like crazy so as not to offend the delicate senses of the corporate pubes that I work with. Work from home = three hours of extra sleep, plus the option to not shower and smell like poo all day.

  8. Sully Sullivan

    I actually worked from home yesterday myself. I also work in the tech industry. Things like VNC, PCAnywhere, etc. get me really happy. One of the pluses of the tech industry.

    I have bookmarked your blog. I really like your style and I’ll be coming back regularly to read and comment. If you’re ever in need of a laugh, stop by my pop culture comedy blog. The URL is http://yeahtotallyright.blogspot.com


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