flashback fridays – diesel’s man crush edition

with all these celebrities buying the farm this week, it’s nice that some are still alive and kicking. no, i’m not talking about that guy from simple minds. i’m talking about huey lewis.

diesel was nice enough to point out a while back that there is more than one song from the 80s called “heart and soul.”

t-pau sings one of my favorites, but this is a close second. this video is a celluloid time capsule of typical early 80s fashion and early MTV video cliches. overall, however, the editing and cuts are quick and the video holds up pretty well considering it 24 YEARS OLD!

plus, i have a sneaking suspicion huey made a pact with the devil. this guys’s looked 45 since 1983.


enjoy the video!


9 thoughts on “flashback fridays – diesel’s man crush edition

  1. Sue

    O….M….G. I used to love me some Huey Lewis. STILL get all tingly when he runs on stage in the white T-shirt. How 80’s cheese-tastic is that video.

  2. Daniel

    I’m a big Huey Lewis fan but really – tell the truth – you actually think he looks 45 in that Chicago-whatever picture?

  3. leigh Post author

    daniel – i’ve seen 45 year olds that look a lot worse.

    joe – like i said, the man can work a pair of red tabs…coming and going.


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